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Aaron Paul as Michael Powell - Age 21
Kevin Spacey as Prot
Jeff Bridges as Dr. Mark Powell
Clarke Peters as Homeless Veteran
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Reviewed by habibullin-ayrat 8 / 10


Haven't you watched the film K-PAX yet?! Oh, I should say that you've lost a lot. It is a brilliant film about the life out of the Earth. It is a fantastic story about an alien who came to our planet. Don't you want to know what happened to him next? Firstly, let's talk about actors : Kevin Spacey is Prot; Jeff Bridges is Dr.Mark; Mary McCorn is Rachel; Actors were chosen so good that film became popular among Americans and other part of world. Characters were played so well that even non-Americans would understand their motives. Once a person appeared at the train station, after the policemen caught him and brought to the Psychiatric Institute. There he called himself Prot. His doctor''s name was Dr. Powell. He started to understand his reasons of illness, but actually Prot hadn't got any problems. Prot claimed he is from K-PAX! It's far planet with two suns. And most of patients and Dr.Powell started to believe him. After that doctor decided to start an investigation, He understood Prot's truth. He had a real name and surname, his family on Earth was killed. But Dr. Powell didn't understand Prot is real person or not. Probably, he is a alien or he is a crazy man without family? We think this film is 50/50, because it has boring moments, not cool special effects. But it has got a good idea.No fight moments. There are many dialogues,which are not interesting for children. Pluses: philosophy part, very good actors play, interesting plot, a lot of ideas to think about it!!! Minuses: sometimes imposing of unhealthy lifestyle, not clear final Kinopoisk 8/10; irecommend 4,9/5 There are two possible explanations: 1) Prot is crazy 2) he is truly an alien. It's a great idea to create extraordinary ending, so the viewers may dream future events by themselves

Reviewed by gbkmmaurstad 7 / 10

1,000 Light Years Away

K-Pax is a planet 1,000 light years away and it is where prot (Kevin Spacey) insists he is from. He is admitted to the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan where Dr. Mark Powell (Jeff Bridges) examines him. He finds a number of tests validate his claims rather than discredits them. prot can see ultraviolet light, few humans can. A commonly used medication for mental patients has no effect on him.

All very interesting, but does it mean anything? Is prot from K-Pax or just another person who has slipped into the mental abyss? Fascinating story, there is very little in this film that will lead you to the answer until you are drawn in.

Not a movie for younger children, adult themes.

Reviewed by krocheav 7 / 10

K-PAX = What Happened?

If you enjoy a well acted, stylishly directed & photographed movie, with a story-line that leaves you high and dry, then K-PAX could fill all these categories. Just don't expect any conclusive explanations for what's happening – it's all ambiguous, even at times frustrating. British born Director Lain Softly and his British born director of photography John Mathieson, work extremely well with their excellent performers: Kevin Spacey as a 'possible' visitor from another planet & Jeff Bridges as the doctor committed to finding out if he's just another psychologically messed up earthling. Composer Ed Shearmur keeps the music sparkling along with the visuals.

Problem is, the original story is totally inconclusive. While it forces us to examine some important human failings it will leave some unfulfilled in overall story elements. Screenplay writer Charles Leavitt, who worked so well on "The Mighty" in '98, tries hard to involve the viewer but the original story leaves him with no hope of any closure. Many situations are familiar from several other movies and interestingly, director Eliseo Subiela sued the writer (Gene Brewer) and filmmakers of K-PAX for Plagiarism because of similarities to his "Man Facing Southeast" from 1986. Many will enjoy this one but those wanting a solid end may be disappointed.

It's never boring but with so much unexplained - sort of seems to end up as if it's not particularly going anywhere.

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