Justin Bieber's Believe


Action / Documentary / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 1.7 10 17405


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vanjohnsontx 1 / 10


The terrible reviews is a sign some faith in humanity is restored because they hate this film rather than like it this film is terrible it is a film that should never be aired on tv or any media platform ever because no one wants to see this garbage on the screen

Reviewed by browncm-26752 10 / 10

Gotta see to believe it!

Believe is for mature audiences only. The film presents grit and rawer emotion that had gone fairly undocumented in Never Say Never. Justin Bieber directly addresses topical controversies head on, revealing moral truths and the facts of life about his premiere as a young superstar. Believe is mainly a rebuttal to all of the nonsense that follows popstars and their celebrity. Bieber is spotlighted as a male figurehead and pioneer of the Arts, despite the negativity that harangues him at the global level. Believe is suspenseful and will have one trying to catch their breath in all the Hollywood madness and tomfoolery.

Reviewed by Diane Ruth 10 / 10

Stupendously Captured Lightening in a Bottle

John Chu has captured lightening in a bottle with this truly extraordinary concert film. In the tradition of Martin Scorsese's Last Waltz, Chu uses his camera majestically to fully realize his project of bringing the electric talent of Justin Bieber to full cinema glory. It is not any simple task to connect intimately with genius and make the experience of Bieber a very personal one but that is just what this director achieves. All the magic, dynamism, and breath taking magnificence of Bieber the performer is now on film for all time and generations to come will be allowed to immerse themselves in what amounts to one of the great concert films of all time.

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