Justice League


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 308331


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Amber Heard as Mera
Joe Manganiello as Mr. Wilson
Henry Cavill as Superman / Clark Kent
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman / Diana Prince
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by d-beckton 1 / 10

Warner Bros. should be ashamed of themselves.

Everyone knows by now that due to unfortunate circumstances, Zack Snyder (Director) and his wife, Deborah Snyder (Producer) had to leave the project for personal reasons, which enticed to the studio (Warner Bros.) to bring in 'Avengers' director Joss Whedon and ''finish'' it.

Ultimately, the film seems to have been almost completely re-written and re-shot. I've read a fair amount from people claiming that the film is still around 80% Snyder's vision, I don't think so.

The films original composer (Junkie XL) was quickly dispatched and replaced by Danny Elfman (One could argue that a films score makes up 50% of the film, easily).

Danny Elfman's score is completely flat and heartless. There isn't a shred of emotion in a single note. It sounds out of place, is consistently uneven and the little homages to past themes seem to be thrown in and are used at completely the wrong times.

Almost every scene where Superman appears, he has a ridiculously expensive, computer generated botch job of a mouth to cover up a moustache that Henry Cavill wasn't allowed to shave off for the re- shoots, due to commitments to another film.

As I can recall, there was one scene for Superman where he didn't have the CGI mouth.

The tone and atmosphere of Snyder's style is almost completely lifted from the film, something I'm sure was tampered with in post- production.

It doesn't have any kind of atmosphere at all really, it just feels empty.

The actors are all fine and deliver worthy performances for the characters, it's not their fault that the film which is built around them is a complete disaster.

It just goes to show that the studio couldn't care in the slightest about delivering a serious and decent production. They had a release date and they forced themselves to stick to it, regardless of the outcome.

Most of the film feels completely rushed and cheap, which it shouldn't, given it had a budget of $300 million.

It's simply unacceptable for something of this capacity and scale to be the epitome of a mindless product from a bloodsucking and power driven cooperation.

Would it have been such a loss to put the project on hold until Zack and Deborah Snyder returned, or delay the film until everything was as good as could possibly be? Apparently yes.

There's been absolutely no respect for the source material, the vision of the original director or the target audience from Warner Bros..

Zack Snyder's complete version, I'm sure has its faults and flaws, but nothing can compare to this lacklustre effort.

This should have been the best superhero film ever made, but has been dropped and fallen straight to the bottom of the barrel.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop there.

Reviewed by darkmoonuk 1 / 10

Incoherent cgi gibberish.

Might as well watch the cut scenes from a video game, the cgi was poorly implemented. The villain absolutely pointless. Superman's Resurrection wasted, why not give him a few movies to find a villain worthy and build suspense?

Each of the characters in twisted to ape the Avengers in their roles, especially Flash/Spidey but with non of the depth.

Truly a pointless exercise and a wasted opportunity, spare yourself the disappointment. How it is an 8+ on here discredits IMDb

Such a shame. :(

p.s the CGI really is that bad . . .

Reviewed by ezramandela 6 / 10

WHY Warner Brothers.....WHY?

The film was okay. Definitely not bad. How I wish Warner Brothers experimented with more standalone films before they finally got to Justice League. As a big DC fan, I was a bit let down. 2hours was definitely not enough to put this film's story across. There were great plot points but everything just seemed to go by too quickly. Henry Cavill's CGI upper lip was very distracting, and his superman- even though I really liked him- but he was just too powerful for Steppenwolf, or maybe Steppenwolf was the one who was too weak for the story they were going for. For someone who wanted to destroy the world, I think he wasn't menacing enough. Ray Fisher was great as Cyborg, I liked Gal Gaddot as Wonder Woman, Mamoa as Aquaman, and even Miller as the flash. But I didn't like how the flash runs in this movie....his legs move in a weird way. Batfleck owned his role obviously. There were great moments in the film, especially when Superman returns and meets the team for the first time. Loved his reunion with Louise and his Mom, and I'm really looking forward to where this universe will go.

The first credits scene didn't do anything for me (I thought they'd both run instead of Superman flying).Many scenes in the trailer were not in the movie, and I feel like there was more to this film than what we get to see. The CGI also needed more polishing. It's definitely getting a lot more hate than it deserves. I really feel sorry for Zack Snyder...I know the backlash he gets from people will definitely affect his confidence as a director, especially for DCEU films and his vision of it.

I give this movie a 6.5/10. An argument can be made for 7/10. Anyone giving this movie more than a 7/10 is not being completely honest with themselves. I really looked forward to this movie, but the theatrical release hasn't done much for me. Definitely a forgettable movie.

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