Just Cause


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Scarlett Johansson as Katie Armstrong
Sean Connery as Paul Armstrong
Ed Harris as Blair Sullivan
Laurence Fishburne as Sheriff Tanny Brown
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 8 / 10

A good thriller, with a great cast playing at the highest level.

The story revolves around a court case in which a black man, sentenced to death for raping and murdering a white little girl, claims to be innocent. Sean Connery plays the role of an idealistic defense lawyer and Lawrence Fishburne is the rude, ill-trained Southern police officer. Both are at opposite poles but both are guided by their sense of justice. Blair Underwood was absolutely brilliant in his character and the way he evolved was enjoyable. The plot has a time when everything suddenly changes, but it's not hard to predict. The plot has a good tension and holds our attention to the end. The actors are strong and they are giving their best. Ed Harris comes in a very interesting role, small but decisive for the course of the plot. The film does also somewhat philosophical considerations about justice and how it should be done.

In summary, this is an excellent thriller where tension follows the entire movie and holds your attention to the end. It's not totally original and it's a little predictable at times but, despite that, it can provide the audience with very good actors capable of great performances. Enjoy.

Reviewed by cutesd 1 / 10


Exactly what is supposed to be our take away from this film? Ten minutes in we are privy to two police officers beating and torturing a prisoner in order to coerce a confession. The man is sentenced to death after a joke of a trial with little to no evidence. A Harvard professor is begged by the prisoner's desperate grandmother to appeal the case. The professor takes it on, gets the man freed ... only for him to turn out to be a psychopath and a murderer because he was castrated while imprisoned overnight for another crime he didn't commit.

So the guy ends up being guilty ... so it was supposed to be OK that the police beat a confession out of him? Or that he wound up on death row with little to no evidence to put him there? We're supposed to side with the cops who beat the guy up? Or the system that caused him to be castrated and become a psychopath in the first place?

I mean seriously what are we supposed to gather from this film? Whose side are we supposed to be on? Is this film supposed to be anti-death-penalty or for it because it can't seem to make up its mind.

And to all the people reading this review and saying "it's just a movie, you're taking it too seriously" I'm sorry but there are thousands of railroaded people in prison right now, likely several innocent people currently on death row. It seems to me a movie like this only muddies the issue or tries to make light of a serious problem within our justice system. In either case I find it profoundly disturbing.

Reviewed by slightlymad22 8 / 10

Under Rates

Just Cause (1995)

Plot In A Paragraph: A Harvard professor (Connery) is lured back into the courtroom after 25 years to take the case of a young black man condemned to death for the horrific murder of a child.

I don't get the hate aimed at this move, as I enjoy it. I remember being surprised how much I enjoyed it, as it was slated by critics upon releasel.

It has a decent script, and has a few surprises. OK the ending isn't great, but that's it. Connery gives his usual solid performance, whilst Laurence Fishburn, Blair Underwood, Kate Capshaw (Mrs Steven Spielberg) Ned Beatty and Ed Harris are all solid, and we even get an early role from Scarlet Johansson, whilst I just love seeing Ruby Dee in anything.

Just Cause grossed $36 million at the domestic box office to end 1995 as the 47th highest grossing movie of the year.

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