Just Before I Go


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 15705


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Garret Dillahunt as Lucky Morgan
Olivia Thirlby as Greta
Seann William Scott as Ted Morgan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 8 / 10

Sometimes facing the past is the key for the future.

Whoa! Why I did not see it before! Seems I totally underestimated it. Lots of good films were released in the 2015 and this is surely one of them. Among the small cost films, this is one of the top 5 films. There's no logic, just a simple storyline with a dark humour. Most of the scene seems deliberate, yet as a one film, very enjoyable.

A man whose life has never been so colourful, was once saved by a woman who later married him. But now they are separating and he's now getting back to his old position. Instead, he decides to end his life. Before that, he makes a list of 'to do'. Hence returns his hometown to face his past. Begins his quest which will be accompanied by a young woman. The rest of the film focused on the final days of his life.

I saw it, that's all matters. Because, being a cinephile, I should not miss such a nice film. It's common some films go unnoticed, thankfully I found it. Now I definitely suggest it to others. Awesome performances. I liked every one of them. Sean William was top of it. Olivia Thirby was cute as usual. I had some good laughs, a few of them were loud ones. I could not believe it was made by Coutney Cox. She did a fine job. It was screenplay she has got, but I hope she will be doing more such heartwarming drama films.


Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

first timer Cox

Ted Morgan (Seann William Scott) struggles with a middling empty life. He lost his father as a child. He escaped to LA and married lively Penny (Elisha Cuthbert). When she leaves him for another man, he contemplates suicide. He decides to go back to his home town Kempton to confront his past tormentors before his final act. His police brother Lucky (Garret Dillahunt) is married to Kathleen (Kate Walsh) with two boys. Kathleen is a masturbating sleepwalker. His nephew Zeke (Kyle Gallner) is in the closet secretly dating Romeo. His mother (Connie Stevens) lives in the trailer park with her lover Shirley Bromfield. He goes to confront his mean teacher in her retirement home and finds her granddaughter Greta (Olivia Thirlby). Greta starts following him to document his dark journey. Rowley Stansfield (Rob Riggle) is the reformed school bully. Vickie is the nice girl from school who got stuck in an unhappy marriage with five kids.

Courteney Cox tries her hand at directing. It's a really, really tough movie to get right especially as a first time director. It's all very flat. The humor isn't there and it's not specifically dark enough. The visual sensibility is too bright. One imagines a more experienced voice could get the tone right. There is plenty of acting skills on the cast but they can only do so much. SWS is doing depressed seriousness. Thirlby is the only one able to inject any kind humor with some heartbreak. The weird stuff could be funny on the page but most of it doesn't translate onto the screen. Gallner is going for the dramatic awards. There is a lot of heart but it gets undermined by humor that doesn't work. The movie is all over the place. The level of difficulty is simply too high for newcomer Cox.

Reviewed by david-3165 8 / 10

Sweet and funny black comedy with heart.

Just Before I Go is a quirky black comedy with a lot of heart. Usually Sean William Scott plays a college doofus, however, in possibly his best role, he plays a troubled 41 year old who has given up on life. I found this movie in the LGBT section of STAN, however Sean's character is straight and the gay theme is about his younger nephew who is struggling to come to terms with being gay. It is handled quite well, and the struggle is palpable. Over all the movie is quirky, which I love, and each of the characters are well played and well developed. There are a few classic one liners to lift up what would otherwise be quite a sad movie. I really did enjoy this, definitely worth a look.

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