Jurassic World


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomntempe 3 / 10

A 3 is generous. Dull, cliche ridden, hackneyed, predictable, stupid

Dull, cliche ridden, hackneyed, predictable, stupid and those are the reasons I give it a 3 instead of lower. The characters do predictable stupid things over and over.. Is there danger? Yes so RUN OUT IN THE OPEN instead of going inside. As the dino's are attacking we see people running OUT of buildings right into the path of the toothy dinos.

And of course there is ALWAYS an SUV, or Quad right at hand when our hero's need one... keys in it of course... yet all the screaming people have been running right by them rather then jumping in and driving the hell away.

Yes, it's a movie but can't we keep at least some reality of physics in dino stories. It is NOT possible for ANY flesh and blood animal to swing it's arms and tails around and smash thru huge concrete columns and turn them to dust without doing massive damage to their own body. Yet time and again the arms and tails go swinging and knocking down multiple foot thick concrete stuff.

And really, you are going to take out these dinos with assault rifles? Of course the assault rifles are worthless but someone did have the sense to bring ONE grenade launcher with them which blows up dino's just in the nick of time. And of course we wouldn't want to give away our position although we do shine laser gun sights right at the dino which would lead them straight back to where the gun holder is.

How on god's green earth this movie gets 10's is beyond me. Even if you ignore the stupidity, etc it is SO predictable that there is not a moment of suspense in the whole thing.

Reviewed by jpeterseni 3 / 10

Top Review is Shill Nonsense

This is NOT a good movie.

IMO this is the worst of all of them. The plot is nonsense. The CGI is over the top and takes you out of any kind of immersion.

The ending is predictable. The characters are bland. There isn't much you can redeem from this movie.

I guess some of the ties to the original location is alright. Jake Johnson is cool

Reviewed by rkoch1 3 / 10

Unrealistic and a Horrible Mess

Let me just start by saying, I don't think this movie deserves a score of 1, but I had to rank it that low because currently the score is a gross misrepresentation of reality. This is not a movie which deserves to be compared with all of the great cinema masterpieces mankind has made.

I just watched the semi-new Jurassic Park movie and I must say, I thought it was very, very stupid. I hate the trend in modern movies where everything bad that happens is always caused by people being stupid and doing stupid things. Like literally people making 10-20 Darwin Award ideas every movie. Literally in this movie, there is a big "Super T-Rex" dinosaur which is running around, and someone thinks that the proper move is to release a bunch of smaller Raptors to go hunt it down... like... what the hell...? You MUST be kidding. Raptors are PREY for T-Rex. It is a smaller predator which presents ZERO threat to the T-Rex, but MAXIMUM threat to humans. No human being who doesn't have a permanent retard helmet strapped to their head would have ever made that "executive decision". That's as stupid as sending a bunch of hunting dogs to go kill a Lion which is on the loose. Or a bear or something. And we are all little furry bunnies or something, so the dogs could easily just kill us for fun anyways. It is obvious that Raptors are only effective at killing small, human-sized prey... it just makes no sense. It is nothing but FRUSTRATING for the viewer, we're sitting here frowning and saying to ourselves, "nobody would EVER do that!".

Anyways, MAJOR PLOT decision by the producing team... and it was a total disaster.. They should have gone back to the white board and came up with another plot idea.

Another thing I hate are those STUPID ANNOYING scenes where everyone is running and frantically screaming in fear all around you, but the main characters are just standing there talking to each other like nothing is going on, just having a little chit-chat while there's dinosaurs running around, and people dying. Or when the two boys were running away from the T-Rex and then they got to the edge of a waterfall, but instead of jumping without hesitation like any normal person who is about to die would have done, they turn to each other and say "Are you ready to jump? Let's do it together, OK? On the count of three, one... two... THREE, JUMP!" Seriously, F that scene. That sh*t pisses me off so much.

Stuff like that just makes a movie seem silly and stupid to me. I can't get "drawn in" where I feel the tension, and feel like I'm right there experiencing the adventure with the characters. Instead, I'm constantly reminded that I'm watching the product of mega-producers and corporations, who think the general population is only interested in special effects and explosions and beautiful people saying stupid lines. I remember watching the first movie, and as the final scene was closing and they were flying away from the island, I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, because I felt like I had JUST BARELY escaped the same dangers as the main characters had. I felt like I was there the whole time. But when I finished the newer, more "modern" JURASSIC WORLD, I felt zero emotion, absolutely nothing as the movie was ending. Instead, I just thought to myself "Well, those were some really cool special effects, the movie sure had a large budget!" In order for a movie to be captivating and really give the viewers a unique experience, you must mesmerize them and put them in a trance where they forget they are watching a movie. All those STUPID, HORRIBLY UNREALISTIC lines, actions, and mistakes made by the cast throughout the entire movie do nothing but slap me on the face each time it happens, only to remind me that I am, in fact, watching a movie.

I would watch the first original Jurassic Park movie 10 times before I watch Jurassic World again! >:[

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