Jurassic Park III


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Téa Leoni as Amanda Kirby
Trevor Morgan as Eric Kirby
Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler
William H. Macy as Paul Kirby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Danual 6 / 10

Not as good as the other two.

What can I say this is not even close to being as good as the first two. And at the end of lost World Pterosaurs are flying around so why in this movie there in a bird cage.

Reviewed by anchoreddown 8 / 10

Underrated and extremely overlooked,.......

This may be the lowest point in box office for the Jurassic Park franchise, however, in light of both reading up on the spinosaurus and watching several YouTube videos on the franchise, I'm coming to appreciate the work that went into the third Jurassic movie. First off, as most people have noted, this is not like the other three films. Yes, it may not have much of a scare tactic, but it all boils down to how well you know your dinosaurs. Go back to 2001. Research for undiscovered dinosaurs, like the spinosaurus was quite new and different. This animal was chosen for it's distinctive size, power and energy. The production team was looking for something larger than the T-Rex and the reason this dinosaur was chosen was for it's crocodile like snout, which makes it stand out next to it's cousins in the relative chain. Upono closer inspection, if you actually know something of the animal, it was more of an aquatic animal, and the research, as eluded to in the trivia section had the dinosaur standing on four to two legs, depending on your source material. Therefore, with this kind of information, you can get an idea of what's really going on behind the scenes for the storyline when it comes to actually breeding the animals. It's an obvious hybrid, even through it isn't stated in the film. I honestly don't think it was the studios intention to create a hybrid dinosaur. What we got is actually quite brilliant, it's a monster movie, but with a Jurassic Park twist. The fact that they chose to do it this way and leave the audience w questions until the next movie furthers the idea that the spinosaurus is a hybrid. Most people are probably looking at the animal and wishing it was a T-Rex, because that is the star of the franchise. Mot people probably didn't like it for several obvious reasons, but it's the dinosaurs that shine the most in this episode of the Jurassic Park franchise. Two thumbs up for doing something completely different!!

Reviewed by Callum McColgan 7 / 10

Shallow, but effortlessly entertaining

This film gets a lot of stick from series fans, perhaps not all of it undeserved - Jurassic Park 3 is largely devoid of meaningful depth, originality and strong storytelling. But despite all that, I can't help but also find it effortlessly entertaining.

When I re-watched all the previous films in the run-up to Jurassic World, I was taken aback on how much I enjoyed Jurassic Park 3. It's not exactly deep to be sure, but it's also pacy and packed with entertaining action sequences, never feeling as bloated and stodgy as The Lost World even if it never matches up to the original.

And these action scenes are genuinely well-made. Maybe the abundance of chaotic close-ups and shaky cam in modern blockbusters has actually helped JP3 age pretty well - the action is coherently staged, the locations imaginatively utilized and the dinosaurs rendered with the same awesome might as you'd expect from the previous films (despite the dated CG, which could be applied to both of its predecessors).

Although there isn't an individual scene here that I feel can match the original's paddock breakout, nor even the second's long grass scene, they're still delivered at a steady pace that ensures there's little feeling of drag during it's short runtime. Even so, the crash and aviary scenes are especially memorable for their taut tension.

Much has been said of the weak story, and it's not a completely unfair observation. There's nothing special about the plot: people get dropped on a tropical island for contrived reasons, dinos attack, extras are eaten, then the rest of the film follows a series of progressively bigger set pieces until it ends (though I will say it seems to lack an obligatory finale sequence, which makes sense given one was planned before being cut). There's a fairy forgettable plot thread of a family coming back together, which at least doesn't feel intrusive enough to bloat the runtime as The Lost World's muddled themes were want to do. Despite the redundant storyline, there are some fairy snappy moments of dialogue to be found here and there ("What if they can us with them" : "What if they catch us *without* them?"), and the cast turns up a solid set of performances - well, with one exception...

Jurassic Park 3 is about as far removed as you can get from the abstract science and bloody grime of Crichton's original novel. It's a big-budget B-movie with no other purpose than to deliver a few solid thrills and then bowl out before overstaying its welcome.

In short, it's 90 minutes of solid dino action, nothing more and nothing less, and I still enjoy it immensely for that reason.

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