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Jennifer Garner as Vanessa Loring
Jason Bateman as Mark Loring
Ellen Page as Juno MacGuff
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lachlannoleary-77322 8 / 10

I,m more of a horror/action oriented viewer myself but this film continues to make me doubt my favorite genre throughout.

I have my friends over all the time so we can watch movies, mostly action and horrors and I loved them all but my viewing of Juno has really made me realize what I was missing in other genres. Throughout the film I kept saying to myself that this isn't for me but throughout the film I kept on being proved wrong. I really enjoyed watching Juno because it deals with real life issues that could apply to me some day (dodgy relationships) unlike the action/horrors iv,e been watching which teach you nothing,and I mean Nothing. Juno also has a realistic sense of humor which is used to soften even the hardest of topics so even the light heartened audience members are able to enjoy it. which is why I can recommend Juno to people of all ages and tastes in film.

Reviewed by jackgruesome 8 / 10

A gem

this is one pop culture touchstone that has aged super well. i can't believe this came out 10 years ago, because it feels as relevant and funny as it did when it first hit screens in 2007. Diablo Cody's writing mingles perfectly with Jason Reitman's soft handed direction and this remains the high water mark for both creatives. acting is great across the board. if you've been dodging this particular piece of americana, now is the perfect time to give it a watch.

Reviewed by Raven-1969 8 / 10

Snarky Serious!

When Juno, a single and pregnant teenager, announces that she is "losing faith in humanity," her long-suffering father asks if she can narrow it down a little. This scene, as serious and poignant as it is funny and charming, provides a glimpse of the tone and tenor of the film throughout. Everyone, even a convenience store clerk, has something snarky to say. Tense situations are disarmed by humor and sympathy.

Juno is obviously not ready to be a mother, yet she handles her situation with inherent panache and a curious blend of independence, optimism, sarcasm and diligence. In searching for a well-off and decent couple who will provide a good home for her baby, Juno displays more maturity than most adults. The childish antics of her elders and the serious nature of her situation cause Juno to do some serious soul searching along with attempting to discover someone who loves her for who she really is.

Ten years after the release of Juno and it is still original, cute and exceedingly snarky. The untraditional plot and dialogue are refreshing. Ellen Page (Juno) carries not only a baby, but the film as well. She is a natural for such a role and perfectly cast. Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons are wonderful in their supporting roles. I wonder how much their future success depended on their roles here? Depth and nuance (beyond being snarky), however, are lacking. There should be plain English subtitles for the language of other generations, young and old (ha, ha)! Maybe the wait is another ten years for such an app.

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