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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Alex Hesse
Emma Thompson as Dr. Diana Reddin
Danny DeVito as Dr. Larry Arbogast
Christopher Meloni as Mr. Lanzarotta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Amy Adler 7 / 10

Totally implausible concept but it doesn't matter; Junior is fun and sweet

Dr Alex (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a button-downed scientist without a life away from the lab. He has joined forces with a leading LA gynecologist, Dr. Larry (Danny Devito) to develop a new and useful fertility drug. Its very promising. However, a heavy from the FDA (Frank Langella) refuses to give approval for experimentation on humans. What a disappointment! This leaves Larry with a lucrative practice but Alex is going to have to vacate his lab. That is, until Dr Diana (Emma Thompson) literally comes rolling into the same lab on top of a freezer holding her donor eggs. Falling on top of Alex, it is agreed they will share the nice space. Then, Larry gets an even zanier idea. Why not fertilize one of Diana's donor eggs with Alex's sperm and implant the embryo in Dr. Alex, all the while using their new pregnancy-enhancing drug? What, a pregnant male? Never mind that he doesn't have a womb, the baby will just grow in his abdomen for a little while. But, once Alex is pregnant, he starts having morning sickness, emotional swings, and a growing belly. Larry wants to end the pregnancy, as their drug has proved effective. But, hold on. Alex wants his baby! Also pregnant is Larry's ex wife (Pamela Reed), who demands Larry be her doctor. Then, too, Diana and Alex, both devoted scientists, end up falling in love with each other, while Alex tries to hide his ballooning frame. The FDA man comes snooping into the whole affair. Will Alex deliver a baby from the first ever male pregnancy? This sweet darling film is just the kind Hollywood doesn't deliver any more. Its a romcom with a twist as Alex becomes the first male to REALLY LEARN how pregnancy is a wonderful and difficult time. Schwarzenegger has never been more attractive and funny while Thompson, Devito, Langella, Reed, and all of the others do great work, too. The sets, costumes (you should see Arnold dressed up as a giantess to conceal his identity), script and direction combine for one comedic film. Listen, romantic comedy lovers. You may have to seek out films from long ago to satisfy your hunger for funny love tales. Hollywood has thrown the romcom into the X file.

Reviewed by Eric Stevenson 5 / 10

Really, the second worst comedy ever?

I was interested in seeing this movie if only because Mike Nelson of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" said this was the second worst comedy of all time. I'll be the first to admit this movie is bad. It's very boring with no laughs. But really, the second worst comedy of all time? This was worse than Carrot Top making a backpack so you can stick things up your butt and vomit in a suit? Uh, no it isn't. Carrot Top is much worse. He claims this movie causes constant vomiting. Please don't tell him about "Disaster Movie" which was ranked as the worst movie of all time here at one point. I know it was made long after the list, but there's no way it couldn't be #1.

It had a guy smearing poop on his face and a pregnant girl getting eaten alive by Alvin and the Chipmunks with her fetus being used as a weapon. I could barely count any bodily fluids in this movie at all. The movie is definitely bad because it doesn't function as a comedy. Honestly, maybe if it had been done as a straightforward drama, it could have worked. The actors aren't really bad or anything, they're just dull. Sure, there's not much going on, but it's not much bad going on with the lack of good as well. This is a film you can definitely skip, but it's in no way one of the worst films ever. Roger Ebert gave this three and a half stars so I'm thinking a lot less of one of these two guys.**

Reviewed by ddt_eagleeye 5 / 10

A strange viewing experience

By now we have seen Arnold as a ruthless barbarian, nearly indestructible cyborg, bad-ass soldier, caring brother and as an action hero. So what is missing next on the list... well, let's see... how about becoming a mother? Really? Yes, really, Arnold is getting pregnant in this movie as a part of a scientific fertility project. The manliest man on earth is about to have a bun in the oven.

The premise sounds fun, again we have Ivan Reitman and DeVito on board to hopefully deliver another classic like Twins. However, Junior just falls flat. It is a very mixed bag, leaving the viewer somewhere between shock and awe. It tries to be funny sometimes but just comes out as cheesy and cringe-worthy. Schwarzenegger and DeVito are not to blame for it, again they have a good on screen chemistry, but are too hindered by a restrictive script. So, while Arnold's other movies delivered on action and Twins delivered on comedy, this one doesn't really deliver on either of them. It's a movie that doesn't know what it wants to be, forcefully trying to squeeze Mr. Schwarzenegger into a character we would have least expected him to see in.

Is it a good laugh for a one-time viewing? Yes, probably because of Arnold's performance. Is it a must-have for Schwarzenegger fans? Yes and no. Yes, if you're a collector of his films. No, if you're an action or comedy fan. Is it actually a good movie? Not really. It's a strange viewing experience, prepare to be mildly entertained at best.

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