Judge Dredd


Action / Crime / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 99417


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Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd
Diane Lane as Judge Hershey
James Earl Jones as Narrator
Rob Schneider as Fergie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bheadher 8 / 10

Unbelievably fun to watch...

I know alot of people just don't like Sly, and I understand that purist comicbook fans just won't like the screen version of Dredd...but darn !!!

Judge Dredd was intended as a visual fantasy, really weird and out there in the ozone movie, and it delivers that feel in spades...sure, the dialog is bizarre, but that simply makes this fun. Sure, the backdrop is bizarre, and that is exactly the way it is supposed to be, It is fun, plain and simple...

Darn it people, it is a slapstick couple hours of fun entertainment, that doesn't conform to any preconceived notions of how a popcorn style, shoot 'em up movie should be...so just sit back and enjoy the fun...

Reviewed by cinemajesty 6 / 10

The Graphic Novel Epic Which Was Not

Movie Review: "Judge Dredd" (1995)

One of the early real solid graphic novel adaptation with a fulminate cast throughout, starting with actor Sylvester Stallone, embracing his trademarks to comic extensions, creating the title-given character bold and righteous with occasional flight of humour, stroke by his supporting characters Hershey and Fergie, portrayed by Diane Lane and stand-up comedian Rob Schneider respectively, already given recent Marvel comic adaptations the formula of international box office successes without reaching this picture's balance between the dark of suggested-hardcore violence with R-rated visuals and the light of a extroverted costume design for the judges by Jean-Paul Gaultier executed for further set operations by costume designer Emma Porteous, which makes a brilliant figure in enriching texture and character subconsciously in addition to Adrian Biddle's cinematography and Nigel Phelps' production design.

That this 70 Million Dollar production directed by a 26-year-old Danny Cannon, who works nowadays in U.S. television for as show-running director for episodes of "Gotham", still hails its relevance 22 years after a disappointing summer release on June 30th 1995 at the box office, and further never quite received the cult status which it might deserve, has been due to some MPAA regulations that certain scene, especially the fight scene between Dredd's nemesis brother Rico, mesmerizing portrayed by actor Armand Assante, had to be cut as rumor has it because of some inconceivable shots of half-breed clones charging for attack in a secret Mega City laboratory. In that sense the 90 minutes cut by under pressure appearing editor Harry Keramidas and substituted by Alex Mackie feels to this very day incomplete with the internal desire to be improved to make "Judge Dredd" an epic as it deserves to be due to a fallen, governmental-judged, desert-abandoned and risen-again storyline of the leading character's arc, Judge Dredd himself.

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Reviewed by Ian 4 / 10

80's Action Approach In The 90's

(Flash Review)

The execution of this movie felt more appropriate mid-80's than mid- 90's. I expected more from it. First off, those costumes. Really?! Judge Dredd's costume looked very flimsy and weak; like an obvious prop. That led me to pick apart other parts of the movie. Such as the futuristic vehicles and their tacked on accoutrements. Never looking as if they were from their own world but yanked from reality. The comedic one-liners were so bad. All blatantly related to being a judge or the legal system. Something the writers quickly came up with one night after a few cocktails. I grimaced more than chuckled and each one followed a dialog pause so each one was telegraphed. Onto the plot and I'll admit I have no idea this was a comic book until the movie started. The Earth has become a desert and people live within crime-ridden, walled cities with a police force called The Judges. They are allowed to stop criminals as well as judge their crime and punishment at the scene. Of course there is a battle for power and shenanigans are pulled that effect Judge Dredd's reputation. Will he overcome and will the truth be uncovered? Overall, the was a lot of popcorn action and bad dialog but it was brainless amusement nonetheless. The best part about watching it was getting to clear a movie out of my streaming queue that I had light interest in seeing after 20+ years since its release.

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