Joy Ride 3: Road Kill


Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 3741


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Benjamin Hollingsworth as Mickey Cole
Kirsten Prout as Jewel McCaul
Sara Mitich as Candy
Jesse Hutch as Jordan Wells
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Argemaluco 6 / 10

Joy Ride 3 is mediocre, but moderately entertaining

I found the original Joy Ride mediocre, but it was successful enough in order to have a straight-to-DVD sequel (Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead), which abandoned the road movie/thriller premise in order to belong to the horror genre. And now, Joy Ride 3 attempts to resurrect the franchise putting the emphasis on the villain; the result is mediocre, but moderately entertaining. The characters are slightly more intelligent and less irritating than in other horror films, something which creates a reasonable level of suspense; but the screenplay lies too much on improbable coincidences and on the villain's almost supernatural capacity to always be one step ahead of the victims. For example, the victims have constant difficulties to communicate through their mobile phones and civil band radios. Meanwhile, the villain doesn't have any problem in keeping a wireless connection to the Internet while he drives his truck at 100 kilometres per hour over an abandoned highway through the desert. And in that way, jumping through logical holes and employing trite situations (including the obligatory personal conflicts and romantic tension), the film advances by fits and starts, even though that doesn't avoid the movie from being tolerable. So, even though I didn't find Joy Ride 3 a very good movie, I can give it a slight recommendation, and I would place it above the second film of the saga and at the same level of the first one. And to the fans of J.J. Abrams', don't waste the opportunity of seeing this famous director's name in the credits of a mediocre straight-to-DVD sequel (he was a co- screenwriter of the original Joy Ride, and he keeps receiving the "Inspired on characters created by" credit; I'm sure that his publicist must have nightmares in that regard).

Reviewed by mattkratz 6 / 10

a little unpleasant

This was perhaps my least favorite of the Joy Ride movies, as the psychotic truck driver Rusty Nail returns for his third go-round. This time, a bunch of car racers head down the "Bermuda Triangle" highway that Rusty Nail haunts, draw his ire, and he starts pursuing them. The "tricks" aren't as fresh as they were in the first movies, and a couple torture scenes and scenes with victims on top of the trucks were a bit unpleasant to watch. Rusty Nail is still a fun villain though. It was more fun when you just heard his voice. Just watch this if you're curious about the Joy Ride movies.

** out of ****

Reviewed by sakram 2 / 10

When the ride is no joy

No point, no thrilling, no atmosphere, nothing whatsoever. Except for some effects here and there, and fine acting, but anything else ? NO. I wasted my time, I haven't watched the first two parts yet (which are told to be a lot more entertaining with Paul Walker in 'em) but seriously, why did I have to watch this ?

2/10, would definitely burn the DVD if It was mine.

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