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Bradley Cooper as Neil Walker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moveebuff1953 7 / 10

More than I was expecting

I was not drawn to Joy when it was first released because it just looked like a made for TV movie. I was surprised when Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance and still had no real desire to see Joy. Joy popped up on my new releases list on Apple TV today so I thought I would just watch the first 10 minutes to get an idea whether it would be watching or not. After 10 minutes I knew this was worth watching so my husband and I watched it and to both of our surprise we really liked it. Jennifer Lawrence was outstanding in her role as Joy. I've always thought Lawrence was an amazing actress since I saw her in Winter's Bone. She is the real deal. She is destined for more success with each film she is in. DeNiro is amazing as always. It is a wonderful story that should have received better reviews. I can understand why it wasn't a box office hit but it is definitely worth watching.

Reviewed by whomichaelwho 8 / 10

Inspiring movie

Lol.I guess you have to be slightly more sensitive than a brick to get this movie. I was relatively bored at the start and came close to switching it off but it developed into a very emotionally satisfying and inspiring movie mainly thanks to the performance of the lead actress and the character who never did give up. I don't care if it is fictional. Maybe there were so many bad reviews because she didn't see herself as a victim. Haters always gonna hate.

Reviewed by svonsawilski 10 / 10

Outstanding in dealing with issues of self worth and confidence

Joy, the protagonist of the film carries the other characters when they can't make things work. She makes things work for all of them and us. This process is refreshingly unique in that she constantly thinks on her feet and resolves situations with surprising results. The suspense of the plot allows the audience to be involved in not only her journey but those of her family as well. Encouraging everyone to reach out for that special gift.

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