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Bradley Cooper as Neil Walker

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Reviewed by svonsawilski 10 / 10

Outstanding in dealing with issues of self worth and confidence

Joy, the protagonist of the film carries the other characters when they can't make things work. She makes things work for all of them and us. This process is refreshingly unique in that she constantly thinks on her feet and resolves situations with surprising results. The suspense of the plot allows the audience to be involved in not only her journey but those of her family as well. Encouraging everyone to reach out for that special gift.

Reviewed by SonjaFaithfull 8 / 10


I really enjoyed this movie Im not one for Lawrence but i am starting to like her for a good actress. Good inspirational story to reach for your passion against all odds :-)

Reviewed by Clifton Johnson 5 / 10

Less than the sum of its parts

Russell's films have always teetered between eccentricity and storytelling, but the balance was off here. There's a compelling protagonist and plot, but somehow we're spending all our time on random conversations with quirky supporting characters. The humor and soundtrack say Russell, but the flow is missing. Lawrence (and the cast) almost make it work...almost. But I never really managed to care. That's not about the substance; that's about the storytelling.

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