Journey to Space


Action / Adventure / Documentary / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 84%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by millsgrphx 7 / 10

Inspirational. Expectected better;

The footage of the space shuttles in transport to museums was nice.

The footage of the space station was mostly the same footage from Space Station 3D in IMAX from 2002. Too much recycled footage. I don't understand why they don't have much ISS IMAX footage from the 13 years since.

Animations of a projected future mission and footage of testing newer equipment to be used on future missions were interesting.

Overall, I recommend it as a good inspirational film, especially if you haven't seen Space Station 3D. It's a more complete story of the current value of NASA, commercial space program, and the short term future of space exploration for the next couple of decades.

Reviewed by Mahendra Vishwakarma 6 / 10

NASA & Space Exploration

The Movie shows an overview of NASA and it's work in space exploration.

Most of the images and videos used are old ones. However it does shows and overview on making of ORION Space craft; made specially for Mars. It gives a good info about traveling and approaches to mars from earth.

The difficulties faced by the astronauts in space and the dangers they may be exposed to; the developments made in the space suit over the period. One of the greatest invention of the mankind; the Hubble's telescope; which is helping us to discover lot of new facts about our galaxy. Blackholes one of the most mysterious thing in universe, a slight info about it. A brief info about observatory park on how the space objects are tracked and monitored.

On the whole the movie gives a brief info on how the mankind has progressed so far w.r.t to space exploration, reaching to mars to find life and finding out if it is habitable.

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