Joker's Wild


Horror / Thriller

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Eric Roberts as James Jenning
Dustin Diamond as Raynard
Martin Kove as Graham Palace
Deborah Twiss as Patricia Lane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daniel-mannouch 5 / 10

Stylish and Insane

From the writer of the abortion themed saw rip-off The Life Zone comes a Postal themed slasher film for the ages, 2015's Joker's Poltergeist: The Aurora Massacre, starring Eric Roberts and Lacey Marie Meyer and directed by Christopher S Lind.

James Jennings commits a mass shooting in a movie theatre during the screening of this film's American title. Protagonist, Aurora. You see what they did there? Aurora witnesses her father get killed and is only spared by the actions of a good guy with a gun. Aurora gets engaged with said good guy with a gun and decides to reopen the movie theatre in tribute to the shooting victims. Little does she know the extent some extremists will go to get their message across and her and the other remaining survivors are soon subject to spooky goings on on the anniversary of this based on real events massacre.

I have confidence that i have as much respect for the real life victims of the 2012 Aurora mass shooting as writer/producer/actor/wasn't hugged enough as a child Kenneth Vel can't be ****** to pronounce his last name demonstrates with his work on Joker' Poltergeist when i say that this is a loaded gun of a film.

Kenneth sure as hell wasn't born with a double barrelled name gives us one spicy meatball as he sugar's over classy right wing trolling with gore and nudity to give mentally ill horror fans pro-second amendment propaganda disguised as something Neil Breen would conceive if he up and decided to have surgically removed his morals.

To Kenneth Del Vacci-no's credit, Joker's Poltergeist: The Aurora Massacre is a genuine psychotronic experience and in contemporary independent cinema where every two bit camera guy hack thinks he's one director's credit away from working on the next marvel movie, it's good to see a modern example of a true white male outsider visionary splooging his angst all over the screen.

Joker's Poltergeist: The Aurora Massacre does to the terrorist attack movie what Mandingo did to the slavery movie. It uses real life tragedy to promote political views that are let's just say not my cup o frappe and therefore i should despise it, right? However, it is stylishly directed by Christopher S Lind and has enough moments of what the **** to make up for the smoke and mirrors politicisation. In other words, i find it more preferable to watch over-ambitious exploitation made by people who advocate for the liberal distribution of utensils of war rather than watch academy award winning productions directed by a rapist. You know who i'm talking about.

Also, I wasn't a victim or related to anybody who was a victim of the Aurora mass shooting of 2012 or any other terrorist attack for that matter. If you are, stay well clear, as this film does not make any effort to be your friend.

For everyone else, i do wholeheartedly recommend this descent into American sickness with gusto as it's truly deluded beyond measure, for our pleasure.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 4 / 10

Totally nude

The Palace Theater is having a grand opening of a horror show when a man in a clown's mask shoots up the place killing the owner (Martin Kove) before getting killed himself (Eric Roberts). The killer was a former partner who got kicked out and lost in court. The owner's daughter Aurora (Lacy Marie Meyer), in LET THAT BE YOUR LAST BATTLEFIELD make up, is devastated and the survivors all go to group. A year later they all get together at the scene of the crime, as the town wants to demolish the building. Then things start to happen as Aurora suffers from nightmares and hallucinations or are they real hauntings? The acting wasn't really good. I thought Eliza Roberts did a better job than her husband. His role should have been Tony Todd or Robert Englund who has done "theater." Aurora is both the name of sleeping beauty and the site of a horrific theater shooting connected to "The Joker." The film contained a gun control argument that was inane and I am not sure what was the point. The "you shouldn't like guns" scene could have been cut. Many might consider the feature in bad taste in the wake of the tragedy. The appearance of the "jokers" throughout the film was a confused mess.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Lacy Marie Meyer, Suzi Lorraine, Seregon O'Dassey)

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