John Wick


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Keanu Reeves as John Wick
Adrianne Palicki as Ms. Perkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aresaionheroes 10 / 10

Master piece

Legendary movie, probably one of the best action movies i have seen in a long time.

Reviewed by zak 3 / 10

watch Oldboy (2003) instead

I have seen john wick twice, once before watching Oldboy, and once after. On my first viewing, I loved the film. The scenes at the start which kick-start the plot were so unexpected and shocking that I immediately wanted John Wick to go out and kill many, many people. The film was not plot heavy, but it wasn't really about the plot, it was about the action scenes, and the action scenes were beautiful. The styling of the action scenes, were it pulls away and creates a dynamic movement, that's elegant and precise, and isn't cut to shit, so you can actually see what's going on, was amazing to me at the time. The nightclub scene alone is one of the most incredible pieces of action cinema that I had scene. The action styling was perfect, it didn't reduce impact and cut away for a PG-13 rating, and the way in which it dimmed the sounds of the violence and turned up the music made it seem almost like a dance. and the world building, I was fascinated by this world, the golden coins and the hotel and all of the little intricacies laced into the movies were incredible. In short, I loved this film first time around. Then I watched Park Chan Wook's Oldboy. Oldboy is a masterpiece. Watch it. On my second viewing of John Wick I was viciously let down. After the first fifteen minutes in which the events that kick-start the plot take place, the plot ends. That's it. After that john wick kills people, for an hour and a half. Even the world building that enchanted me so much the first time around fell flat, on a second viewing it just seemed rushed, and only existed so that john could kill somebody else, it was a means to an end, and that showed. John Wick, people could argue, isn't about the plot, it's about creating a clean stylish action flick, with stylized, yet unflinching and realistic violence. But to those people I say: have you watched Oldboy. Everything that makes the violence in john wick so good, came from Oldboy, the dulling of the impact, not clear and precise, but thick and realistic, comes from Oldboy. The long action takes, the gorgeous action choreography, all from Oldboy. The other thing that Oldboy has that John Wick doesn't, is plot. Now, the clean stylish action flick is fine by me, but if it's as unoriginal as john wick, and everything in it has been done many times better, in a movie that didn't sacrifice plot for violence, and delivered masterfully on both, just don't bother, watch Oldboy. It has a plot, and fight scenes cooler than the ones in John Wick, where enemies don't feel the need to come one at a time so John can pick them off.

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 10 / 10

The best action revenge film of all time from 2014 so far!

John Wick (2014) is the best revenge flick from Keanu Reeves of 2014 from The Matrix (1999) to John Wick (2014) another action fast paced, Entertaining slick action packed film, which kind I have never seen before. It is a very fun, straightforward action movie with an 80's sensibility. It's nice to see Keanu doing these types of roles again. It is one of my personal favorite Keanu Reeves movies. Keanu Reeves is a bad ass what a great action packed blood packed film. Movies should really learn from this on how to make a decent action film, especially with the crap we are getting today like escape plan bullet to the head and such. This film to me is the greatest action film to come out in this century. Keanu was phenomenal the action was so fast paced and exciting my jaw literally dropped as Keanu took out all the bad guys! I personally think this film is better then all Taken films combined. It was simply brilliant, it was made for 20 million dollars and I am glad it made 40 million in the US. I think this film deserved to make 100 million!

Old school action with no shaky cam. Definitely the best stunt-man-turned-director-debut I've ever seen. The story is set about John Wick (Keanu Reeves) a retired assassin, who gets dragged back into his field when the Russian Mob put a hit out on him, but instead of killing John, they steal his classic Mustang and kill his newly acquired puppy. This sets John out to exact revenge on the whole mob in a no nonsense kind of way...multiple shots to the chest and one to the head for good measure type of justice. I've never seen a film where the gun play is this to the point and precise as this. I don't know what the body count is, but it's gotta be up there...way up there. Oh...and another thing...they actually reload the guns. Don't see that that often in films. It's got an all star cast of cameo/small roll characters, from Ian McShane, William Dafoe, and John Leguizamo, and I swear one of the bad guy henchman is that "Mayhem" Insurance guy. One of the Best Movie, that Keanu Reeves ever made. From start to finish. Non stop action, all scenes look very realistic. ( The best action movie of the year. )

I Love this movie so much I think the people behind this movie made a great astonish action movie. There are other things in the movie that I love so much. I even think John Wick is so much better than 47 Ronin (2013) that Keanu Reeves made. The most that I love in this movie is Adrianne Palicki as Ms. Perkins I think she did one of the best job portraying and playing the most memorable female assassin I have ever seen. Ms. Perkins made me realized and inspired me that there are a lot of women who choose occupation as a female assassin hired by the mob. There were a lot of female actresses who played an assassin but I have never see any women portrayed like that. Adrianne Palicki is a bad ass! She even played Lady Jaye in the G.I. Joe Team's covert operations a specialist in the movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013) one of my favorite movies. The fight sequence between John Wick and Viggo Tarasov is real and very realistic I did not see any CGI in it. This wouldn't be an action movie without some action. There's plenty of it, and it's perfectly done. The The stunts are completely insane in scale. There is a lot of gun play and powder even the guys reload guns. There are even Daniel Bernhardt from Bloodsport II and The Matrix Reloaded in it. And he was perfect in here and the fight scenes with Keanu Reeves were well done by him. This is the first time In the movie I see Willem Dafoe been the good guy. I haven't seen him in decades playing the good guy since Platoon (1986) my favorite Vietnam war movie!

The last thing about the movie I want to say that John Wick was a dog lover and I love dogs. I love how he avenge the puppy's death by mobsters who killed him and than he saved another puppy from the animal shelter when he was wounded. He wasn't a superhero without any bruises on him he was wounded. Keanu Reeves did a wonderful job better than he did in Knock Knock (2015) I only hope they want screwed up the sequel and making much better action movie than the first was.

When sadistic young thugs senselessly attack John Wick (Keanu Reeves)-a brilliantly lethal ex-assassin-they have no idea they've messed with the wrong guy. With New York City as his bullet-riddled playground, Wick embarks on a merciless rampage, hunting down his adversaries with the skill and ruthlessness that made him an underworld legend That is the main plot the rating I am giving this movie is a 10/10 because It deserves it.

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