John Carter


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 232604


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Taylor Kitsch as John Carter
Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris
Bryan Cranston as Powell
Dominic West as Sab Than
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lmcressia 4 / 10

bad premise, bad movie

This movie was bad -- there are no other words for it. The sad thing is, with its premise, there was NO WAY this movie could have been good. The only move with a worse premise is "Yor - The Hunter from the Future". Look ythat one up on IMDB! In any case, the premises are nearly the same, in Yor a caveman defeats aliens who possess spaceships and lasers, and in John Carter, a civil war soldier defeats aliens who possess spaceships and lasers. A civil war soldier. defeats aliens wielding lasers for airborne craft. Are you still wanting to defend this? How was he able to accomplish this? Because he could jump well -- because the gravity on Mars is less than on Earth, he could jump really far -- much farther than would physically be possible, in fact. Also it appeared he intermittently had superhuman strength. Since punching is more horizontal than vertical, the gravity thing doesn't really influence it -- so I am not sure where this superhuman strength came from, or why one minute he could kill a big alien with one punch and the next he punched a normal sized person and they fell over (not dead) when you'd expect them to fly across the room (and be dead). Also, the end... I hope he knows the princess has moved on in the last ten years. Especially after (she thinks) he bailed on her. Just sayin'.

Reviewed by areies 1 / 10


I love good sci-fi but this was some weird medley with shallow characters and overload of action and special effects as if that could have saved this movie. Really don't get how anyone could give it a 10.

Reviewed by chickenjackson 7 / 10

A well done movie done dirty by poor Disney marketing

Before there was Avatar or even Superman, there was John Carter. This story is, literally, from 100 years ago by the writer of Tarzan and it took that long to get his vision to the big screen.

Sadly, Disney really botched the marketing of this film...the original trailers make no sense and feel totally random and devoid of the center of the story. Just look at the main profile picture on this page for the poster of this film. It looks like a bad joke.

Although other movies have taken from some of its thunder, overall, this is an entertaining and imaginative film with surprising heart, telling the story of a broken civil war vet who finds his another world.

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