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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Predrag 7 / 10

Life's a garden,dig it!

Joe Dirt is a classic white trash trailer dude, that gets lost at the Grand Canyon when he's a kid. He tells his story of where he is today. A janitor at a radio station. The station ends up broadcasting his story and it ends up getting the listeners interested and becomes famous. This story is very humorous and has a bit of a love story in it.

Yes, the humor is silly and often intentionally stupid, but I can't help but love it. If it's more cerebral or subtle humor that you want, you will not find it here (beyond the excellent mantra: "life is a garden, dig it," that is). The Joe Dirt experience is all about good laughs from silly jokes, wacky characters and ridiculous situations. Highly recommended for those who like 70's rock, nostalgic hair styles, and anyone who pulls for the underdog.

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by Arne Aardvark 7 / 10

I watched it for Walken, but ended up enjoying the whole thing.

OK, absolute silliness, yes. Yet, there was a depth to the movie that kept you intrigued, gripped.

I watched this movie solely to see Christopher Walken's cameo and tag line threat. But by accident, gained an appreciation for David Spade who I have never paid much attention to in past.

So once you come to grips with fact that this show is primarily a goofy comedy, and like many goofy comedies, plot weaknesses abound (why would one even expect a solid plot... duh). It is a succession of brilliantly executed comedic dialogues and settings. The naivety of the fireworks vendor's endeavors being a great example.

And the fact that a number of more notable actors of the time would participate in the film (Christopher Walken, Rosanna Arquette, Dennis Miller), tells me that there was something more to it than just a silly slapstick comedy. They must have felt something bigger was being created. I feel it was. A bit of a classic that not only has clever antics, but a positive, uplifting message.

I would recommend it.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 8 / 10

Far better than expected

"Joe Dirt" offers a lot of laughs, which is the raison d'ĂȘtre of any comedy. And there are many different types of humor: sight gags, 1-2-3 punches, pratfalls, ridicule, absurdities, etc. Some of the humor is broad, raunchy, burlesque and low-brow, but other humor is fairly sophisticated. Some jokes are laugh-out-loud funny, while others are subtle. On a jokes per minute scale, the film ranks among the top.

The film has significant and substantial problems. It is difficult to decide which is worse: the title, the cover/poster art, or log lines like "He came. He cleaned. He conquered," or "Trailer trash wig-wearin' acid wash jean lovin' rock concert T-shirt sportin' hero." None really describes a movie that I would have expected to find particularly interesting and I made no effort to view the movie until fourteen years after its theatrical release, although I can remember seeing it at video shops and had several opportunities when I was at a loss for something amusing to view.

The film is somewhat a parody of "Forrest Gump," which is also a title that says little about the movie's subject matter, unless one is familiar with the book. But the FG producers were somewhat limited by the book's title, whereas the producers of JD could have been more imaginative and incorporated a superlative, an action verb or a recognizable archetype. The promotional artwork relied heavily on an image of a guy holding a mop. People who mop fill a necessary function, but they're usually relegated to after hours when they present less of a nuisance and distraction. In Bangkok, it's impossible to get through a day without encountering about a dozen people sweeping or mopping. Thais sweep and mop everything at all hours of the day and night and still leave their shoes at the entrance. But the reaction is usually to avoid the individual, not take an interest in what or why they are pushing broom. The promo lines fall somewhere between misleading and uninformative. Joe doesn't really conquer. Everybody loves jeans. The wig is a recurring gag that doesn't work or would be much more effective if the hair were natural. It's a bit gross and makes no sense that an adult would wear the same wig worn as a child.

JD shines a mirror on the rest of society and holds us up to ridicule for our prejudices, assumptions and tendencies to judge others by superficial standards. These societal prejudices are personified by a radio shock jock played by Dennis Miller who delivers a series of zingers that seem less and less funny as the audience develops sympathy for Joe. Lampooning the audience is a risky form of humor and JD does it adroitly. The viewer is placed in the uncomfortable position of recognizing ones own biases.

The movie offers quite a few talented actors in supporting roles that they embrace and play to the hilt. Production values are more than adequate with a refreshing lack of jiggly-cam shots. It's really nice to watch a movie where the filmmakers have enough respect for their audience to plan their shots and use tripods or other support systems for their cameras.

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