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Elden Henson as Andy Hertzfeld
Dermot Mulroney as Mike Markkula
Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs
J.K. Simmons as Arthur Rock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 8 / 10

A good biography

The story of Steve Jobs, a teen who drops college and with a team of friends, starts building the most revolutionary computer the world has ever seen. The development of Apple Computer, from a garage firm to a gigantic corporation is presented in detail along with Steve's complete change in personality. His life, with all its ups and downs, with all his right and wrong decisions regarding mostly his friends, with how he makes the same mistakes as the ones he accused in the past and how he loses his most prized possession and eventually gets it back, receives a lot of credit in this movie.

Unfortunately for me, it pays attention only to the beginning of his ascension, and too little to the final part of his life with what he had accomplished after his comeback. The conflict with Microsoft is also only briefly mentioned without detailing the following implications in that way. It is too superficial in this aspects so because of these, its rating lowers considerably. Besides them, the actors play a very good role in reenacting the life of Jobs, from their makeup to their impressive speeches. It's a good biography which focuses mainly on some aspects of history while neglecting others which are in my opinion, as significant as the beginning.

Reviewed by NTS Movie Reviews 7 / 10

Was it fantastic? No, but it doesn't deserve this much hate.

"Jobs" is the story of American inventor Steve Jobs and the struggle of him trying to make Apple successful. The acting in this movie was...okay to say the least. I wasn't impressed with Ashton Kutcher's portrayal of Steve Jobs. Did he look the part? Yes. But he did not execute the character very well. However Josh Gad was fantastic in this movie. Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak was a fantastic choice, he really captured the essence of a slacker the felt very real. I thought Matthew Modline as John Sculley was good and J.K. Simmons as Arthur Rock was also good. But Ashton Kutcher was not a very good Steve Jobs when it comes to Steve Jobs as a person.

The cinematography in this film was also okay. Jobs isn't a movie where its supposed to have amazing cinematography but it still could use some tweaking. They could've added some close-up shots of the technology the characters were working on. There was also a lot shot-reverse-shot too which bugged me. Also the camera did get a little bit shaky at times too.

The costumes/make-up in this movie were fantastic. They made Ashton Kutcher look like Steve Jobs. And the clothing was great too it looked like what people in office settings wore in the late 1900s to a t.

The sets in this movie looked outstanding. Where Steve Jobs was at his home in certain scenes, the house looked beautiful and office buildings looked ideal. The rainbow Apple logo throughout gave a sense of nostalgia which was great as well.

The story in this movie is based on a true story but it is not executed in a very good way. The plot wasn't very detailed or very complex. Steve Jobs marriage issues wasn't touched on as much as I hoped they would be. They didn't explore the friendship of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak very much either.

All in all, Jobs is an okay movie that I think doesn't deserve much hate but definitely deserves some criticism.

Reviewed by jimanuel12 7 / 10

i thought this was a very good movie!!!

i don't care what the critics said about the movie and i don't care what the trolls on here think. this was Ashton Kutcher's best acting performance in my opinion. i thought he did a great job of portraying Steven Jobs. i also thought the movie itself was a very good movie - going back to the beginning and then at the end in 2001 when Steve jobs brought Apple back. Ashton had the jobs walk down pat - he also shows what a butt hole Steve Jobs was at times - especially when he was young. i just wish that movie would have went further into job's life at the end. he brought Apple back with the iPhone and then he got sick. he did finally make up with his daughter that he denied for so many years but i think as he got older - he was a better man and father. anyway - i think if you want to know the real Steve Jobs - then Jobs is a great movie. it is well worth the time to watch and enjoy. i myself - well i loved it.

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