Joan of Arc


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Ingrid Bergman as Joan of Arc
Ward Bond as La Hire
José Ferrer as The Dauphin
Henry Brandon as Capt. Giles de Rais
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 8 / 10

Joan of Arc France's Daughter

This picture l watched between 1976-1977 for first time on television in 2004 l purchase the DVD with a complete restoration but keep in box until now where l watch this super production with great sets along the movie the history settled in early 15th century with little Joan hearing some voices to led the french army against England in 100 years's war,she have to set free Orleans that hold by English army,after the victory she was betrayed by the king who accept money to stop the war,so Joan in captured by John Count of Luxembourg and sold to English for 10.000 pounds to be on trial and burned of fire!!!The casting is powerful apart Ingrid Bergman as Joan José Ferrer as the Dauphin,Cecil Kellaway as inquisitor on fantastic acting and thousand of famous actors including Hurd Hatfield!!!

Reviewed by Dalbert Pringle 4 / 10

Burn, Witch, Burn!

Fave movie quote - "I winged the witch!"

Set in the 15th Century and apparently based on the "true" story of a "real-life" heroine who (supposedly under divine guidance) led France to victory against Britain in the Hundred Years' War - 1948's "Joan Of Arc" (a $4 million production) may have been able to boast about its fine costumes and its expensive set designs - But, boy, did it ever fail, in the long run, to satisfy this viewer on so many other counts.

Filled-to-overflowing with a religious onslaught of emotionally over-wrought moments (courtesy of actress Ingrid Bergman) - Joan Of Arc (and all of its cross-bearing heresy) quickly managed to reduce itself to the level of laughable nonsense throughout a good part of its overlong, 146-minute running time.

And, speaking about Ingrid Bergman (one of Hollywood's most bankable actresses of her day) - At the age of 33, I could never, ever be convinced to believe that she was portraying a heroine who was supposed to be a simple country girl of just 18 years. No way, Jose.

All-in-all - I'd rightfully have to say that the most unintentionally hilarious scenes in this decidedly silly production (which certainly took itself way too seriously) would have to be those with Bergman, in a full suit of shining armour, leading the boys to battle as they fiercely fought their way on to an inevitable victory at Orleans.

Reviewed by Stephanie Schell 9 / 10

Joan of Arc Movie Review

The 1948 version of Joan of Arc with Ingrid Bergman is an excellent movie, and is also pretty family-friendly. I admire Ingrid Bergman's great acting abilities. She can cry on cue, and shows great emotion at every moment she is focused on. Joan is a fourteen year old girl who is hearing voices from Heaven. She is supposed to lead God's Army against Orleans and crown the Dauphin, Charles VII, as King of France. She does succeed in conquering Orleans. When her army prepares to march against Paris, King Charles sells his country to England. Unfortunately, Joan is then arrested, sold, and subjected to horrible trials that are political, though she is accused of being a heretic and a witch. She was only doing the will of God.

There were a couple of faults in this movie. For example, Joan's hair should have grown if she was really on trial for five months. Also, some of the Latin words during the coronation ceremony were mispronounced.

The film elements were appropriately simple. The camera followed the action, which usually had Joan at the forefront. There was very little blood shown, and there was nothing too graphic, even when Joan was burned at the stake. Extreme closeups of Joan's face were effective in displaying her emotions. Wide shots were employed to show the action scenes. I liked that the movie was in color, as opposed to many movies made in the 1940s that were black and white.

Watch this for a refreshing, holy, and inspiring film for the whole family to take in.

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