Jingle All the Way


Action / Comedy / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
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Arnold Schwarzenegger as Howard Langston
Jake Lloyd as Jamie Langston
Rita Wilson as Liz Langston
Curtis Armstrong as Chain Smoking Booster
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmBuff1994 5 / 10

Nothing Spectacular, but Harmless Fun,

Jingle All the Way is a very mediocre movie with a pretty straight forward plot that never does anything spectacular and a reasonable cast. It certainly has its moments and I would be lying if I said I did not have fun watching this. Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving a lot of energy and enthusiasm to this role that, as tragic as his delivery of his dialogue is, he is immensely fun to watch. The highlight for me is without a doubt Phil Hartman, who has the best lines and steals every scene he is in, his flamboyant character never failed to make me chuckle.

It is certainly an unexceptional Christmas movie that tries and fails to be heartwarming. As the entire film follows a dad trying to get a toy for his son, there is never a reason for us to feel truly embraced and caring of this dad's commercialised adventure.

The final twenty minutes of the film are completely ridiculous, the plot gets extremely convoluted and so carried away with spectacle that it switches that for wrapping up the story and giving us a proper conclusion.

Nothing brilliant, but I was never bored. There are far better Christmas films out there, but Jingle All the Way is worth a try if you ever catch it on television or a streaming service.

A dad searches far and wide for the one gift his son wants for Christmas.

Best Performance: Phil Hartman / Worst Performance: Sinbad

Reviewed by bowmanblue 7 / 10

C'mon, there's worse out there

Arnold Schwarzenegger made the comedy movie 'Twins.' Everybody loved it. The he made 'Kindergarten Cop.' Everyone loved that, too. Then he made the comedies 'Junior' and 'Jingle All the Way.' I guess the joke must have worn a bit thin as both were labelled as some of the worst films ever made. Now, I watched 'Junior' when it was released and admittedly the reviews were correct when they said it was a 'one-joke' movie. And, possibly because of this, I never got round to watching 'Jingle All the Way' until I found it on an online streaming service nearly twenty years after it had been released. And, as it was Christmas and I'd already watched 'National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation' I thought I'd give it a go. I guess because I'd heard so much negativity surrounding it I feared the worst, therefore I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Now, don't get me wrong, 'Jingle All the Way' is no classic. If you're a fan of 'Predator' and 'Terminator' then you need to know that this isn't the 'action' Arnie on display here. This is definitely the 'comedy Arnie' who is doing his best to make fun of himself and the various clich├ęs that have sprung up around his batch of movies and action films in general. He plays a harassed father of Darth Vader (well, that kid who played Anakin in the Star Wars prequels) who's always putting work over family. However, on Christmas Eve, he vows to get his son the one 'hot toy' of the year - a 'Turbo Man' action figure. And, as we parents who are annually forced to purchase that one mythical item for our children, we know you should never leave it till only a few hours before the big day to buy one.

What follows is possibly every parent's (Christmas-related) nightmare where Arnie is driving round New York, visiting one toy shop after the next, desperate not to be shown up in his son's eyes by coming back empty-handed. I'd love to say that it's as funny as 'Twins' or 'Kindergarten Cop,' but it's not. However, that doesn't make it the worst film ever. The humour is pretty low brow and slapstick, but, if you're in the mood for something very silly (and it probably helps that you're a fan of Arnie) then this should keep you entertained over the festive period. Not all the jokes land and it's a bit corny in places and there are some gags that definitely feel dated, however that's due to bombs in New York not being a particularly funny subject of comedy in this 'Post 9/11 era,' but it does take a satirical swipe on consumerism and the shameless 'supply and demand' toy manufacturers employ when it comes to mass merchandising their products.

It's also great to see James Bellushi reuniting with Schwarzenegger for an appearance as a 'bad' Santa. Ultimately, 'Jingle All the Way' was probably never worth paying full price for in the cinemas, so I can imagine audiences feeling short-changed with what they got. However, it's much more at home as being a film that's included in an online streaming service that you can put on in the background/ It's probably a film that children would enjoy more, due to the 'obvious' slapstick humour. Kids probably won't get the consumerism references, but at least adult will be able to get something out of it, too. It's probably worth saying that - as a fan of Arnie - the best I can say about this is that it's 'okay if you're in the mood.

Reviewed by borismk-38942 8 / 10

Exactly what a christmas comedy should be

I don't know where the low ratings come from, this movie is perfect. Well timed and cleverly written slapstick worked in with a dig at the excessive madness of christmas shopping. Any parent desperate to save their little monsters from tears over christmas can relate to this film. It jumps from the frantic to the downright bizarre with several nice little cameos too cap it off

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