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Nicollette Sheridan as Betsy O'Connell
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Alison Marks
Peter Stormare as Buck O'Connell
Austin Abrams as Young Adam Lipschitz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rhlraj 6 / 10

A must watch movie

At the first 20 min of the movie I didn't get what's going on but later they all sorted out

and it was good enough to watch

mostly i see if there is good storyline in the movie then i prefer comedy in it.

And in this movie both were well balanced only bad this of this movie is first 20 in which confuses most of the viewer first that is why most of them given it less star and wrote harsh comment on the movie

The story of this movie is about 2 friends in childhood and met again in adulthood

Reviewed by Amy Adler 8 / 10

Hoot Hoot! Pretty offensive humor, at times, but very funny

Christian O'Donnell (handsome Ivan Sergei) had a hurtful childhood. His father was in the military and they moved so many times, Christian never had any friends. That is, until the day they landed in Brooklyn and he became friends with Jewish boy Adam (Joel David Moore). But, poor Adam's panic attacks got him in sticky situations and after a horrid one, the two families were glad the O'Donnells were moving yet again. The boys lost touch. In college, Christian attracted the attention of a Jewish girl and basked in her "taking control" of his life for three years. What a tragedy when she told him before graduation that she couldn't marry a Gentile. Now, some ten years later, Christian is a plumbing supervisor with two funny sidekicks but, he still hasn't found the right gal. Therefore, our Chris gets the idea that MAYBE he should find another Jewish girl and PRETEND that he is Jewish. Along comes lovely Allison (Jennifer Love Hewitt) at a Jewish mixer. Also, Chris runs into Adam, again, and gets advice on how to "act Jewish". Adam is also on the verge of marriage with a dominatrix (Jamie Lyn Sigler). Will Chris be successful at courting Allison and not blowing his ethnic cover? Will Adam have another panic attack before his BIG day? Hoot Hoot, this offensively humored film is funny. Based on a famous play, it sends up Jewish culture even as it honors it. The cast is a dream, with Sergei and Hewitt leading the way and Moore, Jon Lovitz, Rita Wilson, Tom Arnold, Wendy Malick , Sigler, and a host of others vying for perfection. Then, too, the costumes are to die for while the sets, excellent script and carefully zesty direction create one fine, fine movie. There are a few risqué scenes and, as stated, the comedy is in-your-face offensive. But, if you think you can get beyond that, do it. Jewtopia is a utopia of laughs and laughs.

Reviewed by Sarah C. 1 / 10


Why I am even bothering typing this? You know it was bad, I know it was bad so why not end it here? I mean commenting on something which is obviously no-good trash that in an ideal world would not be paid a single picosecond of attention to must almost certainly constitute a form of masochism or something. Now would be the time to insert an edgy "joke" here about this fakakta flick being the ultimate proof that God doesn't exist but I digress.

I was expecting a decent low-key second hand comedy like "Oy Vey My Son Is Gay!!" (2009) but this was, to put it mildly, way worse and there were no Bruce Vilanch's humongous shoulders to carry the burden of comedy on and no redeeming last moments like the affectionate post-wedding scene in "Oy Vey," instead it was just overwhelmingly offensive to everyone and everything, even to itself but true, offensiveness of a work shouldn't be the only factor in down-voting it. For comparison, writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone just revel in offensiveness yet the end result of their seemingly sophomoric work looks way different thanks to satirical tools they successfully employ, like take South Park episode "Ginger Cow", for instance. It took a jab at religion but it was pertinent, pithy, not to mention witty and it run only 20 minutes, which means watching that instead would save you about 70 minutes that you could otherwise spend on ... yoga, learning a new language, attending a secret fight club meeting or whatever IMDb-ers typically like to do in their spare time (probably comment on bad movies on weekends).

Perhaps it should be said that there isn't much material this movie can work with as it is a rehash of the same thing we have seen over and over again* except the names have been replaced with Jewish ones and as if to compensate for a lack of humor perverse obsession with embarrassing faux pas was cranked up to 11 and that's Jewtopia, also known as "Christian hell," enjoy your stay. Maybe to spend time less hopelessly, check out "Oy Vey My Son Is Gay" which to me seemed more authentic and cheerful as far as Jew/gentile weddings are concerned and the British 2010 movie "The Infidel" for an actually funny inter-faith clash (Judaism/Islam).

*(probably tracing back to Shakespeare and beyond, boy I can just picture "Shlomio and Mary-Jane-Destiny-Hopette," a tragic story about a simple Southern gal falling in love with a simple Yeshiva boy from Crown Heights, New York and their families not approving of the bond as usual and how even this ad hoc story, although a shameless carbon copy of a classic, would still be more watchable than Jewtopia)

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