Jaws: The Revenge


Adventure / Horror / Thriller

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Elden Henson as Additional Voices
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mentalcritic 1 / 10

So bad, it's incredible...

If there ever were proof of the law of diminishing returns, the fourth entry in the Jaws series is it. The original was a taut thriller that launched the career of one of Hollywood's most celebrated directors. By comparison, Michael Caine often looks as if he is incredibly upset to be missing his award ceremony in order to appear in this piece. Lance Guest and Mario Van Peebles frequently appear to be wishing to have better things to do, while Lorraine Gary frequently looks stoned in moments when she is supposed to look frightening.

Clearly, the budget spent on this film didn't go into the research, script, or mechanical shark. Exactly why Michael Brody and his pals are putting what are apparently tracking devices on conch shells is never explained. Perhaps any explanation they thought of was so incredibly stupid that they thought it best to give up. An alternate explanation of why Michael is working in the water was never thought of, either. The true Ed Wood moment of the film comes towards the end of the piece, when the shark rises out of the water, and roars at Elaine. This is the first time I've heard of sharks having vocal cords. Given the box office draw this stinker had, I suspect it will be the last.

The shark takes a real beating here, too. The reason the shark wasn't seen often in the original was because Spielberg noticed that if one put it in front of the camera for long enough, the audience would notice that it doesn't move like a real shark. In this edition of the Jaws story, not only do they keep the camera focused upon the shark for more than enough time for the audience to notice the model's flaws, in so doing they make it crystal clear that this shark was made on the cheap. There are some shots in which the support structure of the shark is visible under the outer layer. There is even what appears to be a seam in the back of the shark's main fin.

To its credit, Jaws: The Revenge is well-photographed. While the 2.35:1 frame is often sparsely populated, depth of field is used with great effect in several shots. The fact that even frames with one character in them won't make sense when cropped to fit analogue television is a credit to the director and cinematographer. If only this kind of workmanship could have been seen in other aspects of the film.

Another area where Jaws: The Revenge deserves due credit is the score music. While the score is very much inspired by that which John Williams provided for the original, it distinguishes itself and genuinely works in its own right. In fact, one could almost say that the score music is more than the rest of the film deserves. The music is literally able to inject dramatic tension into scenes that, by all rights granted under the accepted rules of film-making, really shouldn't have any.

When all is said and done, I gave Jaws: The Revenge a one out of ten. It works as a comedy in the sense that it is a stinking pile of crap, but there are precious few moments when the people making it seem privy to the fact. As a result, the film winds up in a class all of its own. It's not just so bad its good, it is so utterly bad it is incredible.

Reviewed by Wuchak 5 / 10

Faulty climax, but not even close to being as bad as critics say

RELEASED IN 1987 and directed by Joseph Sargent, "Jaws: The Revenge" (aka "Jaws 4") chronicles events when widowed Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) vacations in the Bahamas where her son, Michael (Lance Guest), lives and works. Meanwhile, a huge killing machine in the ocean has its eyes set on her & family. Mario Van Peebles plays Michael's associate while Karen Young plays his wife. Michael Caine appears as a small plane pilot who seems to be interested in Ellen.

There's been a critical feeding frenzy over this movie for decades, no pun intended. But it's really a decent nature-runs-amok creature feature laden by dubious filmmaking at the climax. There's a nice build-up and the material is taken seriously by the quality cast. Ellen's developing relationship with the amicable pilot is kinda heartwarming and both Guest & Van Peebles are effective male protagonists. Moreover, the switch to the Bahamas keeps things fresh after the first three movies.

Of course, the idea that a vengeful great white shark follows the Brody family to the Bahamas is absurd, but we've all heard of dogs or cats following a family hundreds of miles. This is just an imaginative stretch and we find Michael seriously wondering if that ridiculous premise could be true when just such a creature shows up. So the dramatic build-up is effective, not great, but certainly effective. Unfortunately, there's almost zero female eye candy despite the resort setting and, like I said, the climatic scenes are awkwardly done. It's like the creators really needed to reshoot some scenes and add others, but they lacked the funds so they tried to force the footage they had to "work" in the editing room.

The four Jaws movies detract in quality chronologically, but "The Revenge" is still worthwhile if you enjoyed the first three, just disregard the closing sequences. Beyond that glaring weakness, it's not even close to being as bad as people criticize.

THE FILM RUNS 1 hours & 29 minutes and was shot in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Bahamas, with studio work done at Universal City, California. WRITER: Michael De Guzman.


Reviewed by Paul Evans 1 / 10

Michael Caine's worst hour.

Having read Michael Caine's biography I was intrigued to read of his views on this film, I had to watch it. I managed to get to the end, but found myself asking what could I have done with those ninety minutes? I'll never get them back. Throughout my Jaws reviews I've likened each one to a Shark, Jaws 1 is a Great white, proud, majestic with a huge bite. Jaws 2 is a Blue Shark, a lesser beast but still a meanie, 3 was a Basking shark, toothless, Jaws the Revenge is Bile, it's not even a shark, it is simply bile. The effects here make Jaws 3D look like a stellar 21st century blockbuster, the shark looks like a rubber monster from a Pound Shop, the acting is atrocious, Caine himself is shocking.

By now I think all behavioural aspects of a shark have vanished, this thing in the sea is not of any known life form. A shark with a vendetta is quite funny I guess, the stylish terror of the first has vanished. Simply put this should not be watched under any circumstances, and yet it was a relative box office hit. Wonders will never cease, avoid. 1/10

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