Jaws of Satan


Action / Horror

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Christina Applegate as Kim Perry
Norman Lloyd as The Monsignore
Diana Douglas as Evelyn Downs
Gretchen Corbett as Dr. Maggie Sheridan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

Not a film that folks with Ophidiophobia should watch!

Ophidiophobia is the extreme fear of snakes...and someone with this affliction would likely freak out at seeing these reptiles. So it's really important that you do NOT watch it if you have this fear, as the film is chock full of the beasties!!

While the film sure sounds like one of the typical Devil worshiping films of the 70s (and there were a lot), it's more a film about snakes...snakes being controlled by a Cobra-like Devil snake! Yes, you heard it...a Devil snake! This nasty makes other snakes into super-aggressive jerks intent on killing folks. What follows is a whole lotta pseudo-religious nonsense about these snakes all coming because the Devil has it out for a rather dim priest (Fritz Weaver)...and has for many generations.

So is it any good? Well, it's not quite as mind-blowingly bad like a few of the Devil movies of the era...in fact, there really isn't a lot that's devilish about most of the film...it's mostly just snakes popping out and folks reacting in terror. Some of this is a bit dumb--such as the sheriff going into a business with a snake that is loose and he's only armed with a .38 (you gotta be one incredible shot to do this...as well as being quite stupid) as well as the hero magically knowing his lady friend is being attacked by a snake and arriving with a snake stick...but HOW did he know this was happening???!!! Did he have ESP?! And where did that rapist come from and what did he have to do with ANYTHING?! In fact, a lot of the film doesn't make any sense now that I think about it....and my score of 3 might just be a bit charitable!

Reviewed by chow913 3 / 10

Whacking Day In Springfield

Right of the bat I'd like to AGAIN question IMDb's rating for this film! They list it as "R." Based on what? No sex violence or profanity! Also my VHS copy clearly states "PG."

As far as B movies go the production quality isn't that bad.

This is one of those films with a decent set up and NO PAY OFF!

I've seen several killer snake movies that turn out that way like Oliver Reed's 'Venom.' The creepy set up consists of a priest (Fritz Weaver of 'Scanners') being told by a fortune teller that his ancestors in England persecuted the pagan Druids whom put a curse on his family.

Wait! I just checked his flexography and remember he wasn't in 'Scanners!' So what else do we know Fritz Weaver from? A few episodes of 'L&O.'

Fortunately the priest knows exactly how to deal with fortune tellers. "A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortune-teller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death." Leviticus 20:27

But no, Father Weaver doesn't kill her a few minutes later, she's killed by the curse.

Anyway snakes on a train kill the conductor and the train car comes into town. Pretty soon there are dozens of fatal snake bites.

Just like every killer animalxploitation film the smart lady reporter wants to call in the feds for help, but greedy businessmen want to stop her as a public scare could hurt the business at the town's center of commerce, a dog racing track. Yup that's the key plot point of this movie a dog racing track.

Here the businessmen are so evil they even hire someone to kill the reporter. WTF? Isn't this going a little too far.

The head businessman's daughter really stands out as being cuter than Shirley Temple. When predictably she too is bitten I realized whom she was, Christina Applegate! Yup, and the businessman's wife is Christina's real life mother Nancy Priddy.

Unlike most killer animal movies there are no epic scenes of swarms of animals. Even 'Dogs' had that. Almost all the snake attack scenes simply consist of an actor screaming in pain and then collapsing to the ground.

There are a few boring scenes of snakes cornering people. Now I'm no zoologist but all the snakes appear to be cobras (probably only one cobra was actually used for filming). Since cobras aren't American I kept waiting for the reporter and the scientist to uncover some kind of dark secret that a cobra from Asia was on the train and began breeding with local snakes thus creating a heard of killer snakes? No, this is never explained.

The climax is also a major let down. The reporter and scientist track the snakes' headquarters to a cave. So can't they just seal off the cave? How are these snakes traveling tens of miles all over town to bite people?

Father Weaver accepts his fate and has a final confrontation with a cobra leading it into a fire. But what about the hundreds of other snakes all over town? Even presuming this cobra is their leader, killing it isn't going to simply make all the other snakes go away.

The movie's good for a few laughs or if you want to see Christina Applegate's debut, and isn't horrible. It just suffers from the most back movie problem, boredom!

The question still remains, was this part of a bigger conspiracy? Just an excuse to beat up the Irish?

Reviewed by Per Myrhill 1 / 10

The buildup in the beginning of the film was great but very quickly it caved in on it self.

At first I thought that this would be a really bad movie. I tend to ignore what other people have to say. After this one I'll be more careful on how I choose to spend my time. I hope that this review will spare others from this movie.

It's just not bad, it is REALLY bad. After the buildup in the first scene, who had all good ingredients to be something good it derailed totally.

I lost interest when they used the disgustingly old cliché that coroners is eating their lunch over dead bodies in the morgue. Not that I find it disgusting to eat in the presence of dead bodies. I just find the cliché itself, old, tired and boring.

Coroners have access to proper canteens. I have visited a real morgue in my line of work. I never saw as much as a piece of fruit in the autopsy room.

Back to this catastrophe of a movie. Somehow Satan have spawned into our world as a snake. The snake keeps biting, as snakes tend to do, its way to some random small town in, yes once again, America, where a priest who's ancestors was cursed by druids battles the snake.

One could possible find some symbolic values but this movie should be forgotten and I hope I can spare you from wasting your time on this.

The only thing worth mentioning is a young Christina Applegates appearance.

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