Jarhead 3: The Siege


Action / Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 1919


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Charlie Weber as Evan Albright
Scott Adkins as Gunny Raines
Dante Basco as Blake
Sasha Jackson as Olivia Winston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phanthinga 7 / 10

Good military action movie

You don't have to be a fan of Jarhead series to enjoy Jarhead 3: The Siege.Directed by William Kaufman a good but underrated action movie director starring Charlie Weber as the lead role and Scott Adkins as the supporting role but still awesome nonetheless.The acting is fine for the most part but when it come to action scene if you familiar with William works you know how good it is.The gun fight is so intense and bloody that guarantee keep you on the edge of your seat.

Reviewed by smilegel 7 / 10

Really Good ACTION movie. Ignore haters!

I really enjoyed it. I wanted action with some back up story and acceptable acting. I got that and more. Acting was pretty good, with some good actors. A ton of nonstop action and a good story and kept me on the edge. I think some wanna-be soldiers expected absolute perfection and that just does not exist.

Action 10/10. Directing: 7/10. Acting: 7/10. Script: 7:10.

Would like to watch more movies like this.

--- I got nothing else to add. Just watch the movie! Never understood all the amateurs whose reviews consist of "trailer" type scenario. Why?! If I wanted to know more about the movie, I can watch the trailer and not read it!

Reviewed by Arch Stanton 6 / 10

Not Exactly the Worst

I managed to watch the whole movie without too many guffaws. But there were some. Gotta love the beginning with the Marine Corps "boot camp" montage to show the lead character going through his paces so that later we have the backstory that he's a bonafide jarhead and ready to lock and load. Upon arrival at "The Kingdom" Corporal Jarhead is picked up at the airport by a soon to be best buddy jarhead. Who just happens to let his British accent slip out a little too much. After Cpl Jarhead gets introduced to his company of other jarheads he then gets to meet Adkins, another Brit passing off as an American jarhead. I knew going in that if you're gonna see Adkins in a flick, be prepared for a C-list presentation. Its not that he's a bad actor. Its just that he's not really a good one. So, more obligatory scenes of Cpl Jarhead trying to familiarize himself with his duties, a little sexual tension with the cute little blonde "secretary", who we later realize is really a CIA covert operative, albeit a British one (she's a Brit too and her accent can be noticed). Then comes Cpl Jarhead's revelation that the embassy is being cased by an ISIS lunatic but nobody believes him. So you know what that means right? Yep, 5 minutes later the dude who Cpl Jarhead is onto leads an all out assault and siege on the embassy. From this point on its just one long firefight until the end. Bullets flying, RPGs launching, bodies dropping, snipers sniping, etc. etc. The one major drawback, and this has been mentioned by other reviews and I'm in total agreement with them, is that the douchebag Filipino-American really is horrible. The inclusion of that character almost ruins the film. Anyhow, it comes down to a last-stand situation with the cavalry trying to get there to save them. The cavalry arrives but right as Cpl Jarhead ignites a propane tank to blow to smithereens the head ISIS douchebag. Hoo-Rah! USA! USA! USA!

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