Jane Got a Gun


Action / Drama / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
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Natalie Portman as Jane Hammond
Joel Edgerton as Dan Frost
Ewan McGregor as Colin McCann
Rodrigo Santoro as Fitchum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

I got two bullets left

Bill Hammond (Noah Emmerich) with four bullet holes makes it back to his wife Jane (Natalie Portman,co-producer) and warns her the Bishop boys are coming. Jane tries to get help but her husband has a bounty on him. She eventually gets help from Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton) a man who she was once engaged. We know it is New Mexico 1871 and everything else is a mystery. Who are the Bishop boys? What is the history of this conflict? We are feed the information slowly getting half the story at about 30 minutes and the other half at about an hour.

This is a fairly typical western. There is some shooting, killing, horses, and drama. I thought there was too much drama. Natalie Portman reminded me of Demi Moore, tough girl in her performance. Yes, Jane got a gun, but that wasn't overly significant to the tale. I think the author may have been influenced by the Aerosmith song, which didn't play during the closing credits either, but I couldn't help thinking about it. The mystery aspect and flashbacks ate up much of the movie as we awaited the final confrontation with over formula results.

Guide: F-words. Implied rape. No nudity.

Reviewed by stevenrotherforth 6 / 10

Jane got a gun but she won't blow you away

Jane got a gun

The performances by the leads in this movie allow it stand a little taller than your run of the mill western. Never the less this picture is just that, run of the mill, ordinary, nothing to write home about. The story of Jane (Natalie Portman) who asks for the help of her former lover to protect her shot up husband from some nasty men. It's a simple premise but not that well delivered. Ewan McGregor plays a convincing villain with what little screen time he has. As does a rather undernourished Boyd Holbrook. Joel Eggerton proves once again he's every bit the leading man but no amount of on screen talent can raise this movie above the norm. The whole picture seems rushed and as if many a scene was most likely left on the cutting room floor. This film runs lean at 1hr 38mins and you get the sense that there's been some meddling here and there. McGregor's underdeveloped character warrants this as does the flash back scenes which are merely inserted to help at least give the audience an inkling of what's gone on. Jane got a gun isn't a bad Western but in today's world where they are few and far between it hasn't much competition to compare it against.

Reviewed by pranderson063095 9 / 10

Good Movie - Should be Jane Gets Sweet Revenge

No "may" about it. It does contain spoilers.

This is an exceptional movie in the western genre for this age. As many westerns made in the last 20 years, Jane Got a Gun has a fair amount of modern thought and is a bit anachronistic. But if westerns were made to reflect the way of life for the time period they are set, we'd have a lot of very boring movies. Probably a lot fewer westerns too because reality just does not excite the audience. And, while we like this very watchable movie with a share of violence befitting the story, it did fail badly in its effort to convince us that it ever could have happened this way. It fails the effort to be a revisionist western in the likes of the 1992 movie Unforgiven. Neither Jane Ballard-Hammond nor Dan Frost match the careful presentation of retired gunman William Munny. And general continuity in the movie is absent - but that is understood to be the case these days because directors today are not learning even what continuity is let along taught to consistently maintain continuity properly.

So we don't need reality. We need movies that shoot up houses to the point that they let more light in then keep out. Forget the fact that that in this movie, when the outlaw gang attacks the house late at night, when it was so dark about 20 bad guys get right up to the fence without being seen. Even a full moon on a cloudless sky would have provided enough light to see that danger. But, there was absolutely no light source outside the house. Interior views of the house show that it had many holes in the walls because of light shining through each bullet hole from outside. This light could only be seen from inside. It was necessary to skip reality in order create the impression that the outlaws had turned the house into a giant sieve. Even as Dan shoots at the outlaws on the roof from inside the house, suddenly light is visible from outside. The effect of the mysterious light lasted until long after the explosion of the kerosene filled jars in the trenches. Again, lets forget that even shooting a gasoline tank will not likely cause it to explode and that kerosene is less likely to be triggered into an explosion with a gun shot. Oh Well, it was an excellent tactic and once prepared I waited in anticipation to see what would happen with the booby trapped trenches. Spartacus did it better though.

Because it is a fanciful flashback of a romantic happening, it does not matter the hot air balloon, was tethered and when untied and three adults in the basket, it floated effortlessly into the air without any source or means to heat the air inside the envelop which actually causes a hot air balloon to rise. Such air ships need constant or at least very frequent repetitions of some heat source to cause them to fly. In truth, all they can do is float along with the wind go up when the air in the balloon is hotter than the air outside the balloon. And when it is not, gravity takes over and pulls them back to earth. But Hollywood and other filmmakers seem oblivious to these basic facts and principals of aviation. This film actually falls much closer to being like Wild Wild West movies with their wild wild western imagination of what might be could be and in the movie is. When you need a romantic kiss in the clouds, you don't need reality or even correct representation of balloon flight. Besides, nobody knows how Superman manages to fly do they?

So what? It does not spoil the core of the story which is really not about how Jane got a gun and how or where she got it unless the gun she got is her old love Dan Frost. It is actually about getting her revenge on the man - Bishop - who made her preform the duties of a whore, led her to think her daughter (Mary) was dead after promising "passage and protection" to a new destination and town. It is about how she had a man, lost that man, got another man by default, and lost that man, and got her first man again.

Within the first 6 minutes of the movie we know that 'Ham' is a goner. He was simply a knight in ratty armor who played a protective role until he gets in deep trouble. Then the Prince comes in riding on his white horse. At least that one they got right - the white horse. How about the white horse, at the end of the movie? It's tied behind the wagon bringing the dead outlaws' bodies to town to collect the massive reward suddenly became a brown horse for Jane to ride back to the waiting wagon with the bags and bags of reward money. The white horse is found with the waiting Prince and wagon as Jane rides in and joins them. The horses must have this planned or something?

I really love this movie with excitement coming from a means beyond our imagination. It's a great story about "getting sweet revenge" and eventually we see the Prince, his Lady and two daughters riding off into where the sun sets with

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