Jago: A Life Underwater



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Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 6 / 10

Indonesian underwater sealife

Jago: A Life Underwater isn't bad as a documentary but I was expecting more underwater scenes and lesser taking about Jago, the eighty yeear old fisherman. Not that it is not interesting to watch but I'd rather watch all kinds of fishes and underwater creatures than a not that good looking old guy talking about his life. I was just not expecting that. But it's all well shot, with some spectacular images, so for that it's certainly worth a watch. But there are much better documentaries about underwater life. In this one it is interesting to watch what's happening underwater in the Togian Islands of Indonesia but like I said it could have used more diversity of sealife instead of divers and fishermen.

Reviewed by coenrad-91551 10 / 10

must see

I watched this film over and over again. i think this is a very very good film. music wise. cindemaphotograpy yes. it touches feeling too. thanks to james reed and team.

Reviewed by theredmare 10 / 10

Simple, poetic and beautiful.

Jago is a (too) short documentary on an eighty year old Indonesian fish hunter. That's what you're expecting to see anyway. The reality is an absolutely mesmerising visual autobiography and a masterpiece in cinematographic storytelling. The set is an old man in his hut, relating his youth and how he came to be who he is. Subtitles unfold to the rhythm of his voice, and a re-enactment, as artistic as any award winning film, replay the story as if it was a very vivid prehistoric mythology. Sometimes the story carries on entirely visually, along with a superb musical score. Nothing is spelled out, dissected or explained. A shimmer in the water, a sparkling bubble, a teenage smile or a tear in the eyes of the old man say it all without any need for words. The story itself is a real life story and is quite simple, but it is all weaved like a poem and indeed the hero is a poet. Again, most is left unsaid and it is up to you to retrieve it, it's all there in a non verbal form. Simple it may be but no less elating nor harrowing.

Can I just add how beautiful that part of the world is, and how young and beautiful that old man truly is.

45 minutes you will never forget.

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