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Michael Biehn as Lawrence Kell
Jennifer Blanc as Deputy Jamie
James Hampton as Mayor Jack Flynn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by D. R. Quintana 2 / 10

So, this is how Houston quality is made?

I witnessed this thing go from script to screen and I dreaded seeing it, only because half of the cast and all of the crew were from the local Houston film scene and a bunch of drama monkeys. But it took me several years to finally watch this 'bird that couldn't fly' and there was just so much 'junk' in the film that I was a little surprised I made it through to the end; it has it all, bad acting, bad lighting, bad sound, bad editing, bad this and that, and some terrible performances from actors that I know are far more talented than their performances in this awful, awful film. Somewhere it was boasted as almost being a "million dollar production" and I couldn't comprehend it then and certainly not now. I've had some slow Mondays and I am sure that I played it through several of them just to get through it. But if this is 'Houston's best', then Houston dashed it's dream on the wrong director/writer/editor...However, I will give kudos to the music, it was about the only thing that was original and paid for. There's no way they could have screwed that up.

Reviewed by ttigger_me69 3 / 10

Wow....pretty awful

Unfortunately, this is my first review I've written here on IMDb. The only thing that compelled me to write one is that this movie was BAD. The make-up was horrible, the acting was atrocious and the story was laughable. The only saving grace in the whole movie was Sissy....the little girl looked like she was the only one that didn't know she was in a bad movie. And how did they get Kyle Reese of 'Treminator" fame to be in this movie ?? Did he lose a bet ?? But really, plenty of other ways to wast 90 minutes of your day....re-arrange your sock drawer, wash your vehicles, clean the bathrooms or wash the dog....twice. I mean, it wasn't even 'horror-comedy', what was the point ???

Reviewed by fabrizia-faustinella 8 / 10

slice of life with horror undertone

Finally, I had the opportunity to watch JACOB and I truly liked the movie. The story line is very compelling and the characters well developed. Indeed, I would describe the movie as a slice of life with a horror undertone. Everything is quite well done , from the script to the cinematography, the editing, the music, you name it. I found the movie to be very entertaining; it even had some humor in it, which made us smile and laugh. The locations, small Texas towns, woods and an amazing old mansion on top of a hill, create a suggestive atmosphere, full of pathos and anticipation. The movie builds up slowly, allowing people to fully understand the events leading to Jacob's final act of rage and, when everything is over, we feel like we want to see more!

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