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Reed Birney as Paul Bateson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heresbigmike 5 / 10

Anyone deserves a couple points for effort.

Good Idea, Probably not enough money ! I watched the whole thing, Something was missing!Low budget somewhere out In the dessert, Good acting newbies although the screenplay could have Included a little more Intensity . Although It had a great story line, It lacked In some of that Hollywood Intensity !It's almost a documentary , because It doesn't Incorporate the luster and Intensity Of an actual movie,with all the action and Drama!, perhaps a little Exaggeration,. It's a good movie, It contains a lot of drama although It seems to drag on as It has nothing else ! As I said I watched the whole thing, and the whole time I was waiting for something Exciting, It never happened!

Reviewed by in1984 8 / 10

Dystopia where only 1980s Games & Computers Survive

8.1 of 10. As science fiction or cyberpunk, this would have been better timed during the late 1980s or early 1990s. Nonetheless, it's an entertaining and insightful look at one possibility if the wi-fi and other elements that enable current computer and mobile phone technology no longer function.

The world is essentially now less the mobile tech and massive media structure. Broadcasting is limited to radio-like communication and there remains a slow, phone modem like Internet.

Beyond that it's essentially another variation of a smart but naive young adult driven by success discovering himself and the world. Despite the lack of major studio money and actors, it is well cast and acted enough not to get in the way of the film's flow.

Reviewed by JaynaB 7 / 10

Surprisingly good for a low-budget indie SF film

This film achieves a lot with limited sets, low tech, and a handful of unknown actors.

The dystopian mood is well-maintained through not only the soundtrack but with camera angles, colour palette and lighting; all of these speak to both technical skill and consistency of directorial vision.

The lead characters are bare-bones but not stereotypical. They appear genuinely vulnerable, in keeping with their surroundings.

The plot is not unique - self-serving and ostensibly socially-protective corporation versus the ordinary man - but the psychological aspects are well done.

There are moral choices to be made.

A surprisingly good low-budget indie SF film.

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