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Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy
Billy Crudup as The Journalist
John Hurt as The Priest
Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spencergrande6 8 / 10

An exploration of grief, grace and mythmaking

I mostly fell for this exploration of grief, grace and mythmaking. Even when it was a bit too on the nose (the faults mostly lie in the wraparound story). It's concerned with how someone copes in the spotlight, how someone can make a legacy from the idea of a thing, how a person is more important than their legend but also how their legend shapes how that person is forever perceived.

It's telling in the universe of the film that Jackie herself is first obsessed with redesigning the White House in what is ostensibly a superficial act of decorating, but then is revealed to be, in reality, attempting to reflect more than the legends of past presidents but also the men who shaped them. A reminder that all legends start with a simple human being doing things only a person can do. A grandiloquent gesture of political humanity for a house full of ghosts.

There's a lot else to like here. Natalie Portman's performance does indeed capture Jackie Kennedy's persona, but also the legend of her and the real woman behind it all. Watching the real White House tour video on YouTube showed me how accurate Portman's breathy accent and meticulous demeanor really were. Beautifully composed, with notes of elegance and grotesqueness in equal measure. And a wonderful, tragic, near other-worldly score by Mica Levi.

Reviewed by blanche-2 9 / 10

what is the problem?

I'm surprised to see so many bad reviews of this film on IMDb. I would be interested to know how many of them came from people who are too young to remember the Kennedy assassination or much about Mrs. Kennedy.

Okay, several people were angry that John-John in the movie didn't salute the casket.

One review referred to the story as "horrible and morbid." Guess what - it is.

One review said Jackie was a "housewife." I won't dignify that with a response.

Natalie Portman was criticized for doing a "cringe-worthy" imitation. Her voice and accent were found hilarious.

And it was called "boring" over and over again.

I understand that to each his own, and I respect that. I'm just surprised.

I first of all did not find this film at all boring. I found it emotional, compelling, and interesting - and despite what someone said here, I did find out things I never knew.

I thought Natalie Portman did a brilliant job and, while the role didn't offer as much as Viola Davis' did in Fences, I would not have been upset to see her win another Oscar. There was nothing wrong with her accent, that's how Mrs. Kennedy talked. If you don't believe me, go to youtube and listen to the tapes.

The film focused on Jackie after the assassination, but it was shown, as were earlier times, such as her televised tour of the White House. I thought the film mixed with the actual footage was excellent.

The clothes were perfection. Like others, I did not care for the music and what I really did not care for was the music at the end.

The rest of the cast did an admirable job - John Hurt, Greta Gerwig, and Billy Crudup. I was disappointed in Peter Sarsgaard, but I think he was trying to convey Bobby's shock and grief. He's a good actor normally but not very successful here.

I found this a poignant film and a stunning portrait of Jackie Kennedy and what she suffered as a result of the assassination.

Reviewed by macpet49-1 4 / 10

Jackie, They Hardly Knew Ye

This must be the umpteenth version of Jacks by now? I think they were full of bravado agreeing to do this yet again. For those of us who are old enough to have lived through it, nothing new here. I have to say that I have difficulty historically dealing with impersonators in general because I tend to become harsher than usual. I'm a stickler for small details. For instance, her hair is incorrect--Jackie had more of it and a lower hairline which gave her a distinctive look. Natalie's hair comes and goes throughout the film as though she either has extensions going on or a wig and then not a wig. Her hairline is so high that she almost looks like she's balding. Then there's the accent--at times it does evoke Jackie but mostly there's a distinctive annoying lisp that Jackie never had. Then there's the miscasting of almost everyone else in the film The only people who 'look' like they might be Kennedys are the actors for JFK and Teddy whom we barely see or hear. Bobby is played by one of those Swedish boys from that huge Scarsgaard family. He too has an unbearable lisp. Jackie was tall for a female of that time; Ms. Portman barely reaches anyone's shoulders. Jacks was famous for wearing low cut heels. Natalie is on stilts and even then she can't outgrow Tucky or Rose Kennedy (who was a shrimp). The clothing looks bought from a Catholic charities shop downtown--work,cheap and completely wrong. The children are pathetically incorrect, no comment (Some producers' kids no doubt?)! A fine Brit actor plays the priest but hardly has a line worth mentioning. Portman gives good grief but adds a snippy , cranky sarcastic edge to everything she says (very unlike ladies who were taught manners from Miss Porters). A 'rush to production' is obvious . It does perhaps show Jackie's complete experience of the time but hardly and unfairly all sides of the woman. Watch documentaries and skip this one.

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