Jack Goes Home


Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Nikki Reed as Crystal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HorrorOverEverything 3 / 10

I Liked The Premise But The Execution Was A Big Misfire

"Jack Goes Home" is a psychological Thriller (with some horror elements) about a boy named Jack (Rory Culkin) whose dad is killed in a car accident, after hearing the news he returns home to help his mother with the funeral and cope with the whole ordeal. As Jack struggles with the loss of his father he starts to notice strange behavior from his mother while also attempting to uncover possible secrets that his parents have been hiding from him for years. I thought the plot line was interesting enough, unfortunately the movie does a poor job of developing and delivering it.

The movie is essentially about a man's struggle with the loss of his parent and his own mental instability. I like movies that dig into the human mind and really focus on one individual slowly losing it, however "Jack Came Home" does a very poor job of pulling that off. Jack is a pretty unlikable character from the get go, he's emotionless, dull, and really has no interesting character traits so to be honest I really had trouble watching him mope around and complain about everything for almost two hours. Jack's mother (player by Lin Shaye) is an interesting character and makes for some of the more interesting scenes in the movie, unfortunately she isn't featured that much.

The movie tries to keep things interesting by throwing in a little bit of mystery but again they just do such a poor job of developing it, by the time big reveals are made you will have likely figured everything out and be bored with it. I saw the final twist coming a mile away, so much so that I kept telling myself maybe that wouldn't be the twist since it was so predictable. I feel like they had the right idea in a lot of places but then just completely dropped the ball in the points that mattered most.

As far as indie horror movie goes "Jack Goes Home" is far from one of the worst, even though it's barely a horror movie, but it is definitely not anything to write home about. It's predictable, drab, and pretty dry overall.

Reviewed by Annie Oakley 1 / 10

Complete Waste of My Time

I believe this could have been a good movie - IF the writer finished the story BEFORE he filmed it. The cinematography, the location and the actual idea - was fantastic. The actor who played Jack was monotone at best. I could not believe any emotions he was trying to portray, and trust me...I sincerely tried. I feel like the story is incomplete, several parts were completely wasted and could have been nurtured into a real movie. But sometimes you have to see to believe - if you are sick and need to rest and get some sleep, please feel free to watch.....And because I have to write a minimum of 10 lines.....Go get something for the headache you will have, grab some popcorn and a drink - and be prepared to be disappointed

Reviewed by Flow 6 / 10

Great performance by Rory Culkin.

I enjoyed this one, because in my honest opinion, it had a lot to offer. From the great acting, to the dialogue, the effects, the plot, the confusion, everything falls quite lovely in place and the puzzle reveals itself little by little. I had fun here, I kept asking myself questions, I was waiting to see more, started to suspect on and the other.

It is a beautiful psychological drama, with some horror elements to spark the atmosphere, and pretty much no dull moments. So if you are a fan of the oldies and crazies like Identity, The Pact, Session 9, this one will fit the list just fine. Some will consider it better, some perhaps not so much, but you will find a lot of familiar traces here.

Jack Goes Home is indeed a little gem of a movie, that should be recommended and watched by more people because it surely delivers on so many levels. Of course, bare in mind, I did say, little movie. I won't place it up there, with your big budget productions.


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