Jab Harry met Sejal


Comedy / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wilsonfisk-73423 10 / 10

Shut Up Haters, I Loved Jab Harry Met Sejal

I saw Jab Harry Met Sejal on Saturday, after reading all the bad reviews. To be honest, I expected something that would give me a headache. Instead, what I found was a pleasant film with a lot of giggles, set in beautiful places across Europe.

Yes, agreed that the movie is not without its faults – Anushka Sharma's (Sejal's) Gujarati accent was unnecessary, and the apparent impossibility of attempting to find a ring in Europe is laughable, but despite that, the film gave us more joy than sorrow.

Firstly, Shah Rukh Khan's (Harry's) charm is unmistakable, and the ease with which he delivers his dialogues is the reason why I am such a Jabra fan. As they say, you can resist beauty, but you can't resist charm. There's that scene in a nightclub where Sejal attacks someone (seems like a drug lord) who makes a pass at her. All the other sycophants of the don put their eyes on Sejal, and you'd expect the hero to come and beat them all up. But, instead, SRK comes out and cries in pain, telling Sejal that he had told her not to come to the night club. They both run away, and hide on the side of the boat. It's a scene where the chemistry between the two actors is effortless, and the result is rom-com magic.

Then there's another scene somewhere in the second half, where both Harry and Sejal are sitting by the sea, and Harry cries out Sejal's name loudly in the air and says that he remembers her a lot. As if she is not sitting there, and he is missing her. Again, SRK manages to tug the strings of my heart, and make me feel the true pain of pining for someone.

Another thing that attracted us towards the film was the clothes worn by SRK and Anushka. Honestly, we've not seen a film where the lead actors have been styled better for a long, long time.

Finally, we'd like to add the best part about the film – when it was over, I missed being a part of Harry and Sejal's world. The movie didn't seem like a drag to me, and I was glued to my seat even when the end credits were rolling.

Reviewed by Utkarsh Singh 4 / 10

I wanna know what the director was smoking while in Europe filming this shitshow.

This movie fails on so many levels.Looks like all bollywood can make these days is how to break marriages and make people cheat on their partners.I would suggest you to grab a beer with that money or spend some good time with your family or dog.They would certainly love your company instead of wasting time on this heartless,soulless movie.

Reviewed by kinshuk-gaur 4 / 10

Waste of Time and Energy.

Imitaiz Ali is a director who has given some fresh breath of air to his love stories and some are excellent like Jab We Met, Love Aajkal and Rockstar. But lately he is also in a syndrome of serving the same old trash with an altered packaging. Jab Hary Met Sejal is a complete disaster coming after Tamasha. Tamasha still was better in the content.

Jab Hary Met Sejal biggest drawback is that it does not have any story but just bits and pieces of certain instants fused together. Scenes of Jab We Met, Tamsaha and Love Aajkal amalgamated together as moments. The plot is wafer thin that it will leave you speculating. This is the story , Hary is a tourist guide and is verge on completion and departing one of his tour. At this instance one of the tour member Sejal a Gujrati girl insist Hary to help her find her lost engagement ring that she misplaced during the tour. Almost 90% of the movie revolve around Hary and Sejal looking for the ring around the picturesque location of Europe encountering with some misdemeanors.

This movie is so boring that even 20 minutes in the movie you feel its ages. Shahrukh Khan and Anushka are the only two who carry the entire burden on their shoulders. Shahrukh Khan looks jaded as he has played such characters for so long. I have lost count of roles when his charming personality is wooing a girl who could be single, engaged or married but ultimately falls for him. Awkwardly Shahrukh's charm does not work in this movie and he is exasperating at times.

Shahrukh needs to do something different as he is no more conclusive playing roles which he was doing 20 years ago. Anushka looks pretty and her acting is passable. She also gets on your nerves after a while with her unimpressive Gujrati accent.

Direction and screenplay do not have much to do as there is no story in the movie. Superfluous songs also add to anguish. I feel this one of the most wretched movies by Imtiaz Ali. Please skip this movie and let the producers and directors know you cannot just serve us crap. Highly avoidable.

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