It! The Terror from Beyond Space


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Dabbs Greer as Eric Royce
Marshall Thompson as Col. Edward Carruthers
Ann Doran as Mary Royce
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DeepFriedJello 5 / 10

Big Invincible Creature

Hokey, lame, somewhat suspenseful, slightly scary, with odd science, just like most 3rd rate sci-fi in the 50's. This was scheduled to fill a two hour time slot on TV, but there were sooo many commercials, then I noticed this was only a 69 minute film. If you took all the good parts and throw out the lame parts, it would be a good 20 minutes. No action of events on Mars, only on the spaceship and at a lame news conference on Earth. The spaceship is quite the deal. All the comforts of home: a good gravity system, separate sleeping quarters for all, smoking allowed, made out of fantastic metal that even 6 grenades barely dent, abundant oxygen, a ride so smooth that items don't need to be secured in any fashion. The Martian seems modeled off the creature from the Black Lagoon, only more raggedy. A rollicking good time. Must see, if you want.

Reviewed by hackraytex 9 / 10

A Product Of Its Time

Let me start by saying that this is one of the best science fiction movies of its time and it is certainly a reflection of the culture of the 50's. I say that as an observation of the the 50's and not as an opinion. There were good things about the era and some other things about the 50's that are not good. It is good that we have outgrown some of the elements and I don't think it is necessary to explain a lot of that.

I lived in Southwest Arkansas at that time and one of the stations there, KTAL, had just changed its format and they would show a sci-fi movie in the late afternoon after we kids got home from school on a program called Kaptain TALltower. We never guessed they were only little longer than an hour so I guess they really padded it with commercials.

I agree that this was a lot of the inspiration for the Alien franchise but I would sure like to see it remade as is. The writers had a lot of optimism that we would make it to Mars by 1973. We will get there but a little later than that.

The tobacco companies scored big on their product placement in this one in that I think everyone on board smoked and every man had a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, see the outline. I wonder where the women kept theirs. I wonder if they have that issue today on the space station.

As noted, regardless of their assigned duties, it appeared that the women got stuck with all of the kitchen duties. Today, everyone except the commanding office and the doctor would be performing kitchen duties or helping regardless of sex. Another thing of then that would not fly today is that the women would be shooting at the monster also instead of hiding behind the men. They would also be going below as the case required to try to get what was needed trying to take out the stowaway. In the scene where Van decides in his delirium to open the reactor door, if the women were there now they would not have tried to reason with him but would have picked up something and clubbed him with it or had him tied to the cot. Since they did not club him with something, the monster killed Bob because Bob was exposed when the monster busted out of the reactor chamber.

I will finish this by saying this was a well done movie that has stood the test of time and the actors all showed in their acting and behavior that they were really part of The Greatest Generation of not giving up. We are losing them too fast now and will sure miss them when they are gone.

Reviewed by garylampkin 6 / 10

Suspend Your Imagination in Space

**No Spoilers**

I'm old enough to remember the drive-in triple features so these creature features are a part of my nostalgic memory. It! Terror From Beyond Space is one I missed on the drive-in and TV rerun circuits, and based on all the reviewers who enjoyed it as a youngster, It! is one I would have liked to seen back in the day as a ten year old. As for seeing this for the first time as an adult some 40 years after it was made and again the other day, I'm sorry to say It! didn't do too much to impress me. The only reason I gave It! a 6 is because Ridley Scott(one of my fav directors) apparently liked It! I'll just mention a few distractions that make It! forgettable compared to say, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" or another rubber monster movie, "It! Came From Beneath the Sea", are the poor quality: acting, script, plot, sound, and special effects on par with Buck Rogers. Just consider the obtuse title, and that should be a clue to the rest of the plot, and overall quality. Even in Hollywood in the 50's when B movies were the thing, trying to place a credible story "beyond space" is just too much for my logical mind. It! Does raise one burning question in my mind, if the actor playing It! was too big for the rubber suit so much so a cut-out was made in the suit for his chin to poke out what happened at the level of more critical anatomy? Maybe that's why It! was never shown to us full frontal.

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