It Lives Again



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John Marley as Mr. Mallory
Kathleen Lloyd as Jody Scott
John P. Ryan as Frank Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BaronBl00d 6 / 10

Taking Baby Steps

John P. Ryan returns as Frank Davis, the father of the monster baby from It's Alive, this time to warn parents of infants about to be born of a conspiracy of the government to have killing squads ready at the time of birth. It seems that his baby was just the tip of the iceberg - a whole group of these mutant babies is being born all over the country. Though certainly not as effective as the original, I found It Lives Again to be quite an engaging, well-done sequel. Larry Cohen again returns as both writer and director, and he brings back some of the same folks from the original - James Dixon in particular returns as the lieutenant. john Marley does an able job playing a policeman with special reason to seeing these babies die. The other actors give decent performances with Andrew Duggan standing out as a doctor bent on giving these babies a chance. I guess what I really liked about the film was the sense that even though these mutants are destructive, killing machines, they still have a glimmer, a spark if you will, of some kind of inherent humanity. Cohen tries to keep his viewers at least somewhat sympathetic to their plight. As with the first film, don't look for mind-boggling special effects here. We get the same camera blur treatment when we see things through the eyes of the babies. We also never get a real good look at the infants in this one either. Some scenes that I thought were particularly well-shot include the hospital awaiting the arrival of the Scott's and much of the by-play with Marley and Ryan. Bernard Herrmann's music is back as well. Rather enjoyable sequel!

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 3 / 10

Mutant Babies And Microphones

Anyone remember that 80s sci-fi series V ? It`s best remembered for a scene where a teenage girl gives birth to an alien mutant baby , but what a lot of people can`t remember about the series is that every single scene has a studio microphone popping into view . Guess what ? IT LIVES AGAIN also features mutant babies and microphone goofs . Look at the scene where the party has just broken up and Jody and Frank sit on the sofa . You can clearly see a microphone sticking up from the coffee table . I`m surprised the scene wasn`t reshot because the microphone is so obvious it`s impossible not to notice it . Director Larry Cohen has noticed it but instead of reshooting the scene he seems to have dispensed with microphones for the rest of the movie ! Seriously I`m certain he has because the sound mix after this scene is all over the place , when someone speaks the volume of their voice increases/decreases from shot to shot and there`s also plenty of scenes with obvious overdubbing , and not to mention bizarre background noises .

As for the rest of the film it`s a disappointment . You`d think a movie with mutant babies on the rampage would have been so bad it`s brilliant , but the screenplay takes itself far too seriously and most of the actors seem to have other things on their minds especially Frederic Forrest who seems to be thinking " I just hope Francis Ford Coppola releases that Vietnam war movie as soon as possible "

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

Another bouncing baby mutant

After the first film It's Alive about a mutant baby that's a real killer fresh from the womb, it was decided a sequel was in order. The first must have made a few dollars, that is how these things are decided.

Returning from the first film is John P. Ryan the father who killed his own mutant and now has a mission in life, maybe to save others who are now showing up in the population. Which is why he visits Frederic Forrest and Kathleen Lloyd another expectant set of parents.

After that things get real silly as the all seeing government in the person of John Marley gets into the act. There's also an institute that wants to house and study the mutants that's headed by Andrew Duggan. All these plot elements combine for one bloody ending.

Not that the first film was a world beater, but it's Citizen Kane next to this.

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