It Happened to Jane



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Doris Day as Jane Osgood
Jack Lemmon as George Denham
Mary Wickes as Matilda Runyon
Betsy Palmer as Betsy Palmer - Panelist
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 4 / 10

No pizzazz

You'd think with two actors who are masters in comic timing-Jack Lemmon and Doris Day-their film together would be a smash hit. I still think if they'd been given a different script they'd have made a fantastic movie, but the plot of It Happened to Jane just doesn't work. Doris Day plays a single mother and career woman. Jack Lemmon plays her lawyer. See what I mean?

Doris's company sells lobsters, but when Ernie Kovacs crosses her, she and Jack sue him and wind up in a nasty court battle. On the whole, the film isn't really a drama and it isn't really a comedy. It's a neutral film without much pizzazz, despite the natural pizzazz of the two leading stars. Plus, there's very little to root for. Doris's character isn't particularly likable, since she puts more focus on her business and pride than her children, and Jack's character mostly fades into the background until it's time for him to make a speech.

If you absolutely love the two leads and like watching all their movies, go ahead and rent It Happened to Jane. Just don't expect much out of it. And then rent Irma la Douce afterwards, for a truly energetic, entertaining Jack Lemmon movie.

Reviewed by edalweber 10 / 10

Excellent light comedy with a serious side

I have always liked this movie, as a nice relaxing movie when you are depressed.The cast is uniformly well suited to their roles, especially Kovacs as the nasty tyrannical railroad tycoon, he couldn't be improved upon.The wonderful old steam locomotives is one of the stars, and provides some of the best scenes. It has its serious side as an example of someone standing up for principle regardless of the odds, something all too rare today. Some people consider using the train to be far-fetched, and maybe it is. But sadly by far the most far-fetched thing in today's society is everyone being shamed by Georges wonderful and elequent speech and rallying to the support of their neighbor.In todays society that is less likely than the train lifting off the tracks and flying. but the beauty of the countryside and the village are lasting and endearing. and as an escape to the America that once was, even if idealized it provides some escapist comfort

Reviewed by SimonJack 8 / 10

Lobster lady tackles the tycoon of the tracks (railroad tracks)

This move is filled with smiles and laughter. Doris Day didn't just make great social comedies with Rock Hudson. Before, after and in between "Pillow Talk" and "Send Me No Flowers," she romped through comedies with James Garner, Rod Taylor, Clark Gable, Cary Grant and others. She sang and danced in musicals with Frank Sinatra, Gordon MacRae, Howard Keel, Jimmy Durante, and Danny Thomas. And, the versatile Day showed she could act very well in dramas and suspense- thrillers with James Stewart, Rex Harrison, Louis Jordan, James Cagney and Kirk Douglas.

"It Happened to Jane" is a wonderful comedy and light romance with two great comedy co-stars, Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs. Apparently, this was re-released two years later under another title, "Twinkle and Shine." Kovacs is the perfect cad – "the meanest man in the world." He is Harry Foster Malone, chairman of the E&P Railroad, who can't be bothered by small town Maine lobster dealer, Jane Osgood (Day). But, when her friend and small town attorney, George Denham (Jack Lemmon) helps her sue the E&P for damages because of its foul-up, Malone has met his match. When the controversy draws New York news media attention, Malone has to concede to save face. But, just as we think Jane has succeeded and gotten a fair deal, Malone pulls some more shenanigans to try to derail her. This happens a few times in the film. It all builds up to more entertainment and fun.

This is a fun-filled film that the whole family should enjoy

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