It Comes at Night


Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clid-44670 1 / 10

Horrible Movie

This movie had a 5 million dollar budget, and I feel like 1 million was spent on the movie and the other 4 spent on fake reviews on sites like IMDb. This movie was one of the largest pieces of garbage I have ever seen.


Nothing comes at night. If you read the positive reviews for this movie they like to pretend you should imagine what would come at night. I did not pay $13 a ticket to imagine anything. On top of that, one of the main characters is left tied to a tree through a night or 2 and guess what... Nothing comes to eat him, make him sick, or even tickle his toes. We saw this movie at the Alamo Draft House and I was very confused when they started handing out checks as that usually happens after the climax of a movie, and this movie never had that. To sum the movie up, his grandpa is put down like a sick animal at the start of the movie then nothing happens for about 20 minutes. Some guy shows up at his house by breaking in, they go to pick up this guys family and some goats. While on the road, they run in to a couple of guys who they beat up and kill. At this point, they lead you to believe the guy who wandered up to his house knew the people in the forest, but they just ignore that and bring the guys family and goats home. Then you spend another 20 minutes with nothing happening and then the dog runs away. What did the dog run away to chase? You never find out. The dog shows up sick a few nights later and some how this "door that only the dad has a key to gets unlocked". How did that happen and why did everybody blame the kid when the dad has the only key? Well, if you asked that, you will never find out because they just go "Oh well, lets all go to our separate rooms". While in their rooms the mom hugs and kisses her kid, the kid who touched the other little kid. Why did the kid die at the end from the disease and the mom not die? How is the disease spread? Nobody took proper precautions to prevent the spread of a disease. Putting a mask on for a few minutes doesn't protect you if it's airborne as you are all still hanging out together. Hugging and kissing your kid who may be infected is also an easy way to get the virus, disease, whatever it was. Save your money, this movie is full of plot holes, almost no story and just plain sucked. I am disappointing I didn't go see the house instead. That one got bad reviews, but at least I would have known that going in to it and wouldn't have been lead to believe this movie was going to be good by a bunch of lying hipsters. Seriously, read their reviews, this movie is not "profound" or even a movie you need to "think" to understand. It's a piece of garbage, low budget movie that was passed off as a blockbuster with a bunch of fake reviews.

Reviewed by nix-php 1 / 10

The "why" movie

I went to see this movie with friends the first night it was out just by pure chance without too much prior research. Earlier I saw a trailer and figured it would be quite good. Well, there was a plot twist.

The only thing that was good about this movie was the blank looks on people's faces when the movie ended and the lights were turned on. It was that moment that actually made me feel like we're all united and human in the end. THAT was a good moment, the rest of it was just painful.

Leaving the theatre people were sharing their feelings about the movie. I don't think it's allowed to post that kind of language here. You get the idea though.

It was one of those movies that make you want to ask for a refund because you feel like somebody ripped you off. It was one of the worst investments time and money wise I've made in the recent past.

To explain my review title: why, just why did somebody decide it would be a good idea to make something this pointless and empty? Also, why did I fall for the trailer and thought it would be a good movie?

Reviewed by cdxxdickie 1 / 10

nothing comes at night

nothing of significance happens during the whole movie. its slow, not scary, and a waste of time. no answers to any of the questions the film poses. just a bunch of people in the wood who don't trust each other and some fatal disease that just kills everyone. in all truth...Nothing comes at night throughout the whole film. i wouldn't even pirate this movie.

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