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Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise
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Jaeden Lieberher as Bill Denbrough
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by teepyrneh 1 / 10


I'll start this review by addressing that I had no expectation for the movie. I am not a fan of the horror genre as it usually lacks the thought provoking aspects I look forward to in film, but the reviews were great and I thought I'd give it a shot.

The films antagonist is a demon-clown, who can shape-shift and move through space in an instant as demonstrated during the film. IT abducts, kills and eats children, but can only do so if they are experiencing fear. In the finale fight scene of the movie Pennywise is unable to kill and eat Beverly because she is not afraid of IT but at the start of the movie he kills Georgie after having a 5 minutes conversation with him where they laugh and mingle, Georgie even reaches towards IT to grab his boat - Would he really be so scared of IT at that point or was Beverly so not scared of an actual demon holding her up by the neck?

The films plot surrounds around a bunch of disasters that the kids find out seem to happen every 27 years. this information is found out by a 13 year old kid named Ben, and he figured this out by reading some articles in a library. So this entire town of people has not been able to figure this out? And he informs the rest of the gang that in Derry there are substantially more children going missing than anywhere else in the US - If that is the case who is doing the abducting of children when Pennywise is on ITs break?

All of the disasters have happened near sewage drains, that's how the kids are able to figure out where IT lives, but at one point of the movie how was Pennywise able to appear in places that have no actual relation to the sewage? Pennywise appears and disappears in Bills garage and basement, Beverlys bathroom, in a building where Mikes parents died and in Stanleys dads office. If IT can appear anywhere why does he choose to murder and abduct near the drain if ITs only purpose is to feed upon the children as demonstrated in the final act of the film, he is willing to make a deal with the gang to keep Bill and let the rest of the children go as after eating Bill he would start his 27 year break again. Why would a killer demon clown not be willing to let these kids go anyways and just hunt the other kids in town to feed as these kids are obviously trying to kill him?

Pennywise seems to have unfathomable power as in a scene IT is using hair from Beverlys sink to grab and pull her but in the final scene IT is having a fist fight with a bunch of children, couldn't IT control some sort of object found in the sewer instead to do the same? Why is IT choosing to not use ITs full power against people who are fighting back but use such powerful methods when just trying to scare somebody?

The movie is riddled with cliche's about the bully having a really strict father, the plot point that the only way they can defeat the evil all-powerful shape-shifting demigod of a clown is to stick together and get over their fears! and of course the scene where the boys find Beverly levitating in mid-air while she is in a complete state of trance - a coma, and what brings her out of this is a kiss on the lips from one of the boys. before the movie ends Beverly is talking about this moment saying "It was like being dead" but when she comes out of her coma she without taking a breath starts quoting the poem one of the boys had sent her.

The movie takes place during the three months of summer and ends with the start of September where the kids still look bruised and battered from their fight. So it's safe to assume it must have been like a week since it happened. What were the kids doing the rest of the summer as they started seeing the clown as soon as school was out? Were they just having terrifying hallucinations of a killer clown and then enjoying the rest of their summer at the beach before going out and hunting it down? The times-pan of events in the movie don't seem to reflect the time it actually took to accomplish them.

This is the first time I have ever considered walking out of the cinema during a movie.

Reviewed by kayleighcoots 9 / 10

Even Better Than the First

I was very underwhelmed when I watched the first movie, so I was ecstatic when I heard that there was going to be a remake. I had a few problems with some of the characters, but not enough to change my whole feeling on the movie. For instance, I did not like the fact that Henry Bowers went crazy and killed his father and then ended up dying. I absolutely loved the characters for Richie and Billy. I did not completely enjoy that they got an actor that looked like and eight year-old to play Ben, though. Beverly was a beautiful, amazing, loving soul that I found crucial to the entire plot.

Reviewed by misstanika 1 / 10

Worse movie created

Growing up watching horror movies I'm so disappointed in this movie. Let me start out by saying sure a part 2 will be made due to the ending of this movie.

Next let me say the voice of Penny Wise WTH? That clown isn't scary. This movie was more funny if anything. To this day the original "IT' movie scares me and I'm 35 yrs old. I wish these directors and producers would stop remaking classic movies it just doesn't workout especially the horror movies. One can not and I mean can not remake a Stephen King origianl stop it already. The remake of Nightmare on Elm street another example of a bad idea. Freddy was my height and I'm 4'7 dammit. He wasn't scary. Leave these movies alone please stop wasting money get creative and do something different.

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