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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by David Roggenkamp 7 / 10

Killer cow mutant on the loose

This isn't the typical run of the mill horror film where some biological monstrosity goes off on a hunger rampage. In a strange twist of fate, one veterinarian's goal to create a super breeder-cow, turns a fetus into genetic carrier of destruction that could wipe out the human race; further, this fetus is a mutant and it seeks out a new host to keep itself warm. This fetus carries other fetuses and as it infects other cows they too develop mutant fetuses. The entire film is spent with a mad veterinarian trying to put the farm under quarantine and keep everything under control – despite it all going awry. The movie feels strangely like a B-grade horror film – whether that was the intention or not, the movie could become a cult classic as a result. The characters all have wonderful personalities, and it is sad to see some of them go – yes, some of them die; that's a given, but the movie makes up for it by having a twist ending – something very typical of horror movies of this genre. Is it worth the watch? Yes – consider that good horror movies are rare. Special props must be given to the mutant cow's eye – it's hard to remember throughout the course of the film that it is indeed a cow the entire time.

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Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6 / 10

Bovine aliens... Or something thereabout...

"Isolation" is actually a rather enjoyable movie, a fairly straight forward horror movie, in the likes of "Alien", actually. Well, think Alien subjected to an element of bovine, and then you essentially have "Isolation".

The story is about some experiment taking place on a remote farm in remote location of Ireland. Local farmer Dan (played by John Lynch) and veterinarian Orla (played by Essie Davis) are not fully aware of the extends of the experiment in which they are participating. Something is wrong with the cow carrying a calf, and during a troubled birthing, a horrible secret is revealed.

"Isolation" was filmed in a nice way, lots of interesting shots and angles here, and there was a very intense and adrenaline-filled moments throughout the movie. The mood was great and really helped the movie along quite nicely.

The creature effects was quite interesting, and it was a very unique appearance they opted to go for in the movie, both with the larvae and the grown creature itself.

And there is enough blood in the movie to keep most gorehounds fairly satisfied.

Got 95 minutes to spare, then "Isolation" could be a good way to spend it. The movie is enjoyable, has a good story and some interesting creature effects.

Reviewed by Lomedin 1 / 10

Give me a break

When I started to read what this film is about, I instantly thought of Ireland. Later on, I discovered that this is indeed an Irish film. No surprise there, since only the Irish can come up with rubbish like this. Who else would set up a horror movie in a rural farm where animals are abused? Well, all animals are abused in farms, anyway. But yeah.

I guess living in Ireland for over 10 years gave me a good overview of what to expect from them, and I'm afraid to say that it's exactly stuff like this. I watched "Grabbers" last year thinking that I was going to have a laugh with an Irish film in which drunk people are the only ones not being attacked by the alien invaders. And the movie ended up being a fiasco (why would they try to be serious in a movie that screams hilarious in its premise?).

"Wake Wood", another Irish horror movie, is also set in rural Ireland. And it's yet another disappointment with bad acting and little horror indeed. Alas, I hope the nations of the world would make films about what is NOT characteristic of their culture (US=violent action, Spain=Civil War, France=Sex, Irish=farms...). I believe the results, if not good, would be at least interesting.

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