Is Genesis History?



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamecky 1 / 10

Horribly inaccurate and deceiving

Primitive superstitious beliefs over science and reason. It is terrifying in this modern day to see so many people still accepting beliefs over knowledge. Personal beliefs are not the same as facts or knowledge backed up by valid verifiable evidence. Researching the individuals interviewed, you will find they are all creationist. Just another religious propaganda film. So sad!

Reviewed by whilhelm 1 / 10

How to confuse disinformed people in one single "movie"

In this film science shines by its absence. Only religious biases and 90% of logical fallacies and non sequiturs. And "scientists" giving their religious points of view but always taking extreme care not to expose the weak points of their own explanations. Watch it only if you are a christian or creationist looking desperately for someone with scientific credentials confirms you that your "faith" is true. But keep in mind, repeating the statements of this movie will not help you to win arguments against someone with minimum scientific knowledge, aware of the facts and that it actually knows what modern science says; the results will be quite disappointing for you christian or creationist reader.

Reviewed by niyotheo-75037 10 / 10

Genesis the True History

This movie shows that the genesis is true history, And It is the best movie about Creation in Book of Genesis.

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