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Kate Mara as Lady Isabel
Paul Giamatti as King John
Charles Dance as Archbishop Langton
James Purefoy as Thomas Marshal
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Reviewed by difiaurbanlovers 4 / 10

Good movie

It was a great movie, but it REALLY sank in my eyes when the danish people started screaming KURWA, which is polish not danish.. But other than that i would have given it 6, but this little mistake was huge in my eyes. Good and plenty of Action. A lot of blood and wounds showing, so if you're not a fan of that, i wouldn't suggest watching this.

Reviewed by Rainey Dawn 8 / 10

Not 100% Accurate - But Good

A History film is a film with people that really lived, places that did (and might still) exist & events that really happened -- BUT maybe fictionalized for various reasons. With that said, "Ironclad" is not 100% accurate historically but it's a good movie nonetheless.

The battles of the Knights Templar were bloody like any other war - so I expected the blood but I never expected to like the film this well. The film is gritty, dirty, bloody but with a good story (again, it's not perfectly accurate), great casting, and the the rest of the stuff (like cinematography, costuming, set designs, directing, etc). Overall, it was worth the 2 hours it takes to watch the film.

Yes I wish the film was 100% accurate - a history lesson if you will - but I enjoyed the movie as it is. Yes I wish the film was accurate but I watch "history" films just like any other work of cinema - I ask myself "Did I enjoy the film?" and the answer is yes to "Ironclad".


Reviewed by dandbone 4 / 10


The point of this movie was to show some great battle scenes. It worked a lot like those cliché samurai films, only it was worse because of: shaky cameras, sped up motion in fight scenes, and bad eastern sounding music soundtrack.

About the clichés: there is a team of mercenaries, a quiet and reserved hero, because his past weights so hard upon him, a young idealist, and a keep to defend. The theme has been done to death and I would suggest the Seven Samurai for a definitive treatment. Kurosawa's samurai have personalities, too.

There is another crime this movie commits. They cast Paul Giamatti as King John and don't let him have his way with the character. This could have been an awesome medieval comedy.

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