Iron Man 3


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 649865


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Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner
Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen
Paul Bettany as Jarvis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stubs182 8 / 10

Not perfect but risky and enjoyable throughout

Ever since the release of the first installment back in 2008 I've been a big fan of the series, I caught the first flick on the big screen 3 times and it's sequel twice, so my anticipation was high. I'd intentionally avoided most of the trailer, TV spots and early reviews as I tend to find too much exposure to pre-release hype diminishes the actual viewing experience, but I had a general idea of the direction. I'm also a big fan of director Shane Black and specifically Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, an action/comedy/buddy flick, set at Christmas featuring Robert Downey Jr, so I also had a general idea of what to expect in terms of artistic tone and I was not disappointed with what I saw.

Easily the best Iron Man movie so far, the movie finds itself in an unusual position, not only is it the direct sequel to Iron Man 2 it also follows the events of The Avengers which plays a big role in the character development of Tony, who finds himself suffering from severe panic attacks which is understandable for a guy who just flew a nuclear weapon in a giant worm hole in the sky above New York opened by an army of evil intergalactic space aliens. So how do you create an appropriate threat for the man of Iron now that he's fought Avengers level threats? The answer is to cripple Tony's confidence, take him back to basics, essentially fighting himself back out of the proverbial cave with a bunch of scraps.

What Shane Black has achieved is the funniest Iron Man movie that also features stunning action sequences, something that was somewhat lacking in the previous installments. As always the dialogue is witty and expertly delivered by Downey, but what really had me laughing out loud was a particularly inventive sequence featuring a not quite complete Iron Man suit.

The big third act finally has been pretty much spoiled by every single trailer they put out but it still manages to deliver in terms of sheer 'ZOMG' awesomeness.

I loved the relationship between Tony and the little boy and was genuinely touched by the heart warming ending. I've seen a few reactions by people wondering how Tony will feature in future installments specifically Avengers 2 now that he has removed his chest piece and destroyed all his suits, I would point out that it the chest piece isn't required to use an Iron Man suit, War Machine uses one, Iron Monger used one in IM1, Whiplash used a suit in IM2, Pepper Potts uses the suit briefly, so Tony will still be able to use an Iron Man suit when required. As to the destruction of his entire arsenal, He's Tony Stark, come on, of course he's gonna make more suits. He even says right at the end of the film, I am Iron Man. And essentially I always will be no matter what happens to me. And in case you had any doubt at all, the movie even spells it out for you in the end credits, Tony Stark will return. Speaking of end credits the stinger, the amount of people who stayed glued to their seats in anticipation of the now famous Marvel stingers was really a testament to their appeal. I really enjoyed this one, the relationship between Tony and Bruce was something I really enjoyed in The Avengers and I'm really glad they've decided to build upon that.

Now just as few things I do have an issue with, The Ten Rings? As revealed in this movie The Madarin was nothing more than a tool used to manipulate the public, created by Aldrich Killan, that in itself I have no problem but it does raise one important question, what was going on in the first movie when the Ten Rings kidnapped Tony? Are we to now believe that Aldrich Killian was behind it all along? Or has Shane Black just created a pretty sizeable plot hole in the entire Iron Man series?

That being said I really dug the movie and I'm super excited for the future of the Marvel cinematic Universe.

Reviewed by thinker1691 8 / 10

" Open the Closet and examine one of Twenty-five suits "

The director of this film called: " Iron Man 3 " is Shane Black. Together with screen writer and Marvel comic Creator Stan Lee they surpass themselves. The movie proves to be an exciting, sky jaunting, world traveling explosion for the mind. The story continues the saga of handsome Tony Stark (Robert Downy Jr.), who is a Billionaire and inventive genius. From the creative mind of Marvel comics, writer Stan Lee, comes this third segment of the Iron Man. In this chapter, we find Stark in a fitful state while his active mind is unable to allow his body to rest or sleep. As such he is ripe for an attack from his newest enemy called Mandarin ( Ben Kingsley) who promises to destroy Iron Man. The first attack is to Starks' Malibu home which Mandarin destroys with three guided missiles. Among all the things which Tony loses is his beautiful beach-side home, his girlfriend Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and his wealth which leaves him destitute and homeless. Crashing on the ground in the state of Tennesse, Stark realizes he must start again. He does this with the help of Jarvis, (Paul Bettany) his Robotic aid, Harley Kenner (Ty Simpkins) an orphan boy who inspires Tony to rebuild himself and James Rhodes (Dom Cheadle) who reprises his role as his Military friend. Together they take on the International criminal called Manderin (Ben Kingsley) and his major henchman called Aldrich Killian. (Guy Pearce). The movie is filled with high drama, Damsel rescues, Presidential protection, high flying chills and thrills and explosive combat displays. The reckless pursuit of action scenes is what drives this movie. The cast which included Miguel Ferrer as Vice President Rodriguez is exceptional and lends itself to the complete foundation for a real exciting Classic. I fully recommend this movie to all movie fans and friends of Stan Lee. ****

Reviewed by BiiivAL 8 / 10

Not a single costume

It's time to say goodbye. No, Tony Stark will not get anywhere from us, Iron Man is still at the top of Olympus Marvel. But it will never be the same again, because the cycle of the name Robert Downey Jr. comes to the end. Enjoy the same ellipsis of a beautiful trilogy, worthy of his hero.

The third film turned out to be minimal superhero, but as human as possible. To achieve such an effect was possible because of a change of man in the director's chair - the place of joker John Favreau was taken by Shane Black. The screenwriter of The Deadly Guns received an appointment clearly in an old friendship with Downey. It so happened that the iconic for both "The Kiss" (for Robert to a lesser extent, of course) makes itself felt in the story of the "Iron Man" - if the last two films were simply "not serious", then this time we can safely be called the funniest in the trilogy. In addition to abundant jokes, some plot twists from the duo's past collaborative work are also guessed.

Robert Downey Jr. now spends much less time in a suit. After the events in New York ("The Avengers") he is overcome by panic: and suddenly something like this will happen again, suddenly Pepper will again be in danger. In a suit, fear goes, then he and Iron Man, but the battle with yourself has to lead literally with bare hands. The costume, in turn, does not disappear from the screen, it is multiplied either independently, or under the control of the skillful AI Jarvis, thereby preventing Robert's talent, the flow of which is always a little bit, but restrained by the suit. The screen time and Gwyneth Paltrow increased, for this incarnation of beloved Stark, this is actually also the last fight and this time it gives a light to the old one. With enemies everything is much better than last time. First of all, the mysterious Mandarin. Sir Ben Kingsley and his character is SPOILER riding a spoiler, plus a spoiler and chases. It is not enough, but it surprises him fantastically, for it completely changes the preliminary opinion about the film and from fears that ZhCH3 turned into the fall of the Dark Knight, there is no trace. The second villain went to Guy Pearce. The Englishman goes deeper and deeper into the abyss of extremely negative roles, which, incidentally, is not bad, because the hostage of one role is definitely not about him.

Flashed on the screen by tradition and Stan Lee, without which there would be no comic books about Tony Stark and there would not be anything else. A few months before the premiere of Iron Man 3, the master turned 90 years old.

The funny pseudo-realism Iron Man 3 captivates. With the change of director, the film also changed, which pays more time to Tony Stark, and not to Iron Man. Who knows, Robert Downey Jr. may someday. will return to his main superhero role, but so far the film and he himself hint that it's time to move on. Finally, Marvel gives the audience a cocktail of humor, action and nostalgia, supplemented by a slice of the beloved actor and a piece of the universe after the credits.

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