Invitation to a Gunfighter


Action / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Yul Brynner as Jules Gaspard d'Estaing
George Segal as Matt Weaver
William Hickey as Jo-Jo
Strother Martin as Fiddler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchak 5 / 10

Odd, talky town-bound Western with the charismatic Yul Brynner

RELEASED IN 1964 and directed by Richard Wilson, "Invitation to a Gunfighter" details events in a New Mexican town in Summer, 1965, when a Rebel Vet (George Segal) comes home to discover his small ranch sold by the local banker (Pat Hingle) and his fiancée (Janice Rule) married to a one-armed Union Vet (Clifford David). After a dubious killing, the town leaders employ a gunman to kill the former Confederate, a mysterious man-in-black from Louisiana (Yul Brynner).

This is such an offbeat Western it took me a while to catch a grip. Except for the scenic opening, the locations are confined to the town with lots of scenes taking place indoors. This and the fact that it's dialogue-driven rather than action-oriented give it a TV-Western vibe (the action mainly takes place at the close). You have to listen closely to catch all the verbiage.

Despite these arguable drawbacks, there are several things to appreciate, particularly Brynner's charisma as the mysterious gunfighter (he made baldness cool). There's a revelation about him in the last act that I didn't see coming. Rule plays a quality character and is easy on the eyes; plus it's interesting seeing Segal when he was so young. The tone's mostly serious with a couple worthy insights, but there are also some amusing moments, like when Jules Gaspard d'Estaing (Yul) gives instructions on the proper pronunciation of his name.

THE MOVIE RUNS 92 minutes and was shot in Arizona and Universal Studios, CA. WRITERS: Incredibly, there are five writers listed in the credits.


Reviewed by bbr00ks 7 / 10

Worth Watching

I have always like westerns and would consider this one a must-see. It's quite dated in places with many of it's attitudes rooted in the 1950s and some really laughable dialog. But it's moral stance and it comments on society's treatment of it's poor, it's minorities, it's women, hits you like a slap to the face. It's always a pleasure to watch Yul Brenner at work and he really carries this movie. George Segal is okay as his presumed antagonist but the real bad guy(s) in this movie are not so easily identified. I was stunned to see how much of the plot of this movie influenced one of my favorite Westerns of all time - High Plains Drifter. The resemblance is uncanny - of course HPD does it better but still I have to recommend this to anyone who likes Westerns.

Reviewed by Jugu Abraham 8 / 10

More than a Western--it makes you think about deeper levels racism than the obvious

A very underrated western! Superb performances from Yul Brynner and Janice Rule. Arguably their best. Director Richard Wilson had worked with Orson Welles on his theater projects and that influence is evident in the adapted screenplay he wrote with his wife. The film questions the moral superiority of the Unionists over the Confederates. It asks, more importantly, if racism in USA is merely related to a white versus black confrontation or to white versus all non-whites (Mexicans, mulattos, cajuns, Native Indians, etc.). More than the action, the film is lifted by the spoken word (e.g., how an average American thinks Jules and Jewel are the same!) and misplaced morality. Needs to be more widely seen and appreciated.

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