Invasion U.S.A.


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
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Chuck Norris as Matt Hunter
Billy Drago as Mickey
Richard Lynch as Mikhail Rostov
Robert Wall as Vince
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

random blow-em-up rescues

Mikhail Rostov (Richard Lynch) and his crew disguised as US Coast Guard massacre Cuban refugee boat people. He retrieves a load of drug hidden on the boat. Rostov is a Soviet agent on a mission. The CIA tries to recruit Matt Hunter (Chuck Norris) out of his retirement in the swamps. The two spies have a history together. Hunter refuses until Rostov's crew comes looking for him on their air-boats. Meanwhile, guerrilla fighters arrive on landing crafts to create a wave of destruction. McGuire is a troublesome liberal reporter.

There are lots of blow em action in middle America. There is something compelling about war in the regular streets. Time and time again, Hunter shows up conveniently at the right place and the right time to stop these guerrillas before they attack. There're about a hundred of them presumably scattered everywhere. One could never be sure how he manages to do what he does. I don't know how Rostov tracks down Hunter either. I don't know his plan. It is a lot of random convenient events. Nobody is certain what the government is doing. The terrorists are easily tricked into attacking an empty building. It's a lot of non-sense but the good news is that lots of stuff gets blown up.

Reviewed by josh-621-47927 10 / 10

The greatest movie ever made.

This is the greatest movie ever made. After this one, filmmakers should have just given up. It has everything. Explosions, gunfire, and Chuck Norris!

The bad guys hatch a scheme to invade the USA. But there's one thing they didn't bargain for. That's right! They didn't bargain for Chuck Norris! It's got some great action, did I mention explosions? And lots of Chuck Norris kicking the crap out of bad guys. It's a great movie for the whole family.

Reviewed by dworldeater 6 / 10

Hilarious over the top action with Chuck Norris

Invasion USA is a one man army movie starring karate man Chuck Norris. Chuck is a former government agent who is retired from the business and lives in the swamp and wrestles gators. Bad guy Mikhail Rostov is a communist that is leading an army across the USA via the Florida coast to create terrorist attacks in the United States to disrupt and destroy the American way of life. Rostov(Richard Lynch) is so scared of his arch nemesis Hunter(Chuck Norris) that he and his boys blow up his pad and assume that the Norris is dead and is free to spread terror across the USA. This is where Rostov is dead wrong and Hunter is out to get him and take down his army to save America. Invasion USA is about as over the top and ridiculous of an action movie as you can get. It is not grounded in reality whatsoever, there is absolutely no character development and the screenplay is a lot like Red Dawn(if it was written by a 12 year old). I can't really say that this is a good movie, but it is totally hilarious. There is all the cheesy patriotism and action that you could possibly hope for, along with memorable one liners, karate kicks, explosions, shoot em' ups. The Norris is invincible here with his twin uzis that he shoots the bad guys with maximum accuracy and he always is one step ahead of the bad guys and shows up to save the day in his big Bronco truck. The bad guys are completely ruthless and one dimensional, nothing but bad and only Chuck Norris can stop them. If you want action, director Joseph Zito (Missing In Action, Red Scorpion) has you covered. Invasion USA delivers the goods in the firepower department. See the ending conclusion where the hero and villain face off against each other with rocket launchers. Don't mess with the US or else you have to deal with Chuck Norris.

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