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Carice van Houten as Susanna
Daniel Brühl as Father Antonio
Clive Owen as John Farrow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10

Spooking at night

Intruders wants to be Pan Labyrinth for Young Adults and it fails.

It has two parallel stories of children seeing a faceless stranger at night called Hollow Face. In Sain, a young mother wants to protect her son from Hollow Face and even consults a priest.

In Britain, a young girl who tells vivid spooky tales is attacked at night by Hollow Face until her father comes to the rescue.

The question is how can the father see the faceless person in a hoodie? There is a link between the two disparate stories but the film is not really scary or gory and it was actually rather boring.

Reviewed by OBXconsumer 9 / 10

Psychological Thriller - this movie actually lives up to this definition

This movie was a real treat to finally find something on Netflix to watch worth the $7.95 I pay each month. If I were you, I would stay away from long reviews and long descriptions and watch this fresh for yourself. Figure it out for yourself because any hints will spoil the movie and take away from its real presentation - it unfolds for you - that is the point. If you like psychology, medical, reasons people do what they do, then it is all there. Plus, Clive Owen is a pleasure to watch. He is an excellent actor and is handsome, which is more than you get from most movies they are throwing together with unknown actors these days. Hunker down for the evening and enjoy. If you still have questions, then you can read all the spoilers.

Reviewed by byungchulhan 8 / 10

A Misconstrued Movie with Deeper Connotations

Judging by the comment boards, this is what occurs when a movie like this garners very little attention: Viewers take the story too literally without attempting to think why the director added these things. Tell me... do you really think that the director purposely would've created such a melodramatic tale of two separate children being haunted by the same monster who eventually loses power at the end? And do you really believe that the dad simply stood by his daughter for experiencing a physical altercation with Hollowface?

Does this really not match up to you people?

If you were able to map this plot out, go deeper than how the movie appears, you would have seen a fascinating PSYCHOLOGICAL thriller developed through the utilization of a disturbed father carrying reminiscent fears of his childhood into his daughter's life. Hollowface possesses no physical manifestation, he is simply a product of terror and imaginative fear. It's all about psychology, thus this being a psychological thriller. The parallel story doesn't automatically correlate to an intersection between two stories occurring simultaneously either. There's a valid reason why the father is able to SEE Hollowface... It's because the tale of the little boy JUAN is JOHN's childhood experience... The trauma he had experienced never ceased although he was able to let go of it for a while.

Also a great connection the movie made was the utilization of fathers as gateways into the kids' terrors. For John as a child, his dad was taken away to jail and for a reason or another he may have been traumatized (not sure for what, didn't pay attention to the beginning) and saw his dad coming back each night to haunt him. His mother understands the difficulties Juan faces, but is unable to do much for him at night because of the stepdad that has come into their lives (who casually dismisses Juan's nightly combat with the "monster"). For Mia, her dad was the one who planted the outline of the Hollowface story in the tree after John moved to England with his mother, and for years it remained in the tree. Yet Mia finds it one day and she is engulfed in this story, but slowly captures her psychologically and she soon fears of the same monster that haunted John as a child. She only begins to view manifestations of this monster when John attempts to comfort her, because he and her share the same fears derived from the original Hollowface John created as a response to trauma with his dad. Together they are the only ones who can see this "monster" and therefore are the only ones affected. The ending is a cross between psychology and reality (it's really up to you to decide), where Mia is liberated from her fears of Hollowface as a result of John relinquishing his trauma and fear of Hollowface that continued to haunt him out of his love for Mia. At the end as he tells Mia that parents are the reasons monsters including Hollowface can never get to their children, it's a conviction he has to himself and a reminder of his mother who helped liberate him from his own fears initially.

This is an extremely fascinating movie, and while it bored me on many occasions, I loved the implications and connections it presented, in a very discreet manner. It's astonishing however to see so many digest the movie in minutes and take the face value so literally. I suggest watching it again and really looking out for the connections, metaphors, and message it tries to present. Intruders is quite the movie.

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