Into the Blue


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
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Paul Walker as Jared
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Danny Blankenship 7 / 10

Good and entertaining action drama that twists with cat and mouse games of blackmail, plus nice eye candy with Jessica!

Really not a big fan of these type of movies, yet from time to time I do watch these action drama types that involve criminals and good against bad with plot twists of mind games! And this picture "Into the Blue" has all of that.

The story is simple it involves a plane crash, and a ship or boat type that have sunk into the deep blue waters of the Bahamas, already present and living like two love birds are two straight arrow types Jared(the late Paul Walker)and Sam(Jessica Alba who's so cute and sexy!)who welcome some old friends Bryce(Scott Caan) and Amanda(Ashley Scott)who's morals are a little dirty and questionable.

Along the way a tale of cocaine and treasures unfold with divers and drug dealers involved as it's high action and rocky drama on the waves of the Bahamas! Also Jessica Alba has a damsel in distress moment as she's kidnapped and taken hostage by the bad drug dealers as she has her mom taped with duct tape. Overall it has all the elements and themes of action drama movies like adventure and bad against good and rescue and the search for better goods! Give it a watch not really a bad movie and you will enjoy like me, if your a Jessica Alba fan.

Reviewed by YaumingYMC 9 / 10

One of the top ten scuba diving and free diving movies ever made

I don't know why this film was given such a low score. Maybe the critics got confused and walked into a different theater and expected this to be a high brow or special agenda film involving an all boy romance. Obviously they were disappointed.

But not me.

I enjoyed watching this film. Its a fun film to watch and I probably saw this a couple of dozen times.

Jessica Alba and Paul Walker look outstanding in this film. Not only are they at their athletic physical best but there is also a natural chemistry between the two actors that is hard to deny. They also do give convincing performances.

The other two actors also do give credible performances.

The only issue I have with this film is that - it could have been edited better. Starting the film on the "white whale" was a bad start. Somethings once seen are hard to erase from your mind. The script could also have been tighten up and better written to portray the dilemma the characters faced.

I would honestly have given it a 8/10 but given the sad rating - it deserves another star.

Reviewed by James Hitchcock 3 / 10

Unacknowledged Remake of the Deep

You can just imagine the discussions among the studio executives.

"Let's make a film with Jessica Alba in a bikini!" "Great idea! What's the plot angle?" "Plot? With Jess in a bikini do we need a plot? Make her character a swimwear model or something!" "Naah, too obvious. What about pirates of the Caribbean, sunken treasure, that sort of thing? Make Jess a scuba diver. In a bikini, of course".

And so we end up with a sort of unacknowledged remake of "The Deep" from the seventies. Like the earlier film, it is about treasure hunters diving for sunken treasure and tangling with drug-dealing gangsters, and like that film it relies heavily upon the charms of its scantily-clad leading lady, Alba here and Jacqueline Bissett in "The Deep". (Indeed, "The Deep" itself can be seen as an unacknowledged remake of "Underwater" from the fifties, a film whose main attraction was the sight of a scantily-clad Jane Russell). "Into the Blue", however, does offer a bonus to its target young male audience; we have two couples, not just one, diving for the treasure, so we get to see two pretty girls in bikinis. (Ashley Scott is the other).

There is a problem with remakes, acknowledged or unacknowledged. Or rather, there are two problems. If you try to remake a good film, the critics will gleefully claim that your effort is nowhere near as good as the original. And if you try to remake a bad one, they will (equally gleefully) accuse you of desperately trying to succeed with a formula which failed last time. Well, "The Deep" was (in my view at least) a pretty bad film, and "Into the View" does not improve on it. Indeed, it is probably even worse.

The main flaws of "The Deep" were a clich├ęd plot, some manic over-acting from Robert Shaw and some rather dull photography. The main flaws of "Into the Blue" are firstly a plot which is so tortured as to come, at times, close to well-nigh incomprehensible. Secondly, the dialogue is often difficult to hear clearly. I spent the whole of the running-time, for example, thinking that Paul Walker's character was called "Gerry"; it wasn't until I saw the closing credits that I realised this was actually supposed to be "Jared". Mishearing a character's name would not in itself have spoilt the film for me, but this was merely one symptom of a wider problem, and frequently mishearing crucial lines of dialogue certainly did spoil it.

And thirdly there is the acting. Alba put me in mind of Louis B. Mayer's famous dictum about Esther Williams- "Wet she's a star, dry she ain't". She earned a Razzie nomination for Worst Actress. None of her co-stars were so nominated, although if Mayer had seen their performances here he might have opined that "wet they ain't stars, and dry they ain't either". And that includes that other big name, Walker, for once in his career acting in a film without any fast cars in it.

Alba and Walker are merely wooden, but Scott Caan as Bryce, the other boy in the foursome, is something worse than wooden. He makes Bryce so unsympathetic (admittedly, with a lot of help from the scriptwriters) that we end up wondering just when he is going to get his well-deserved come-uppance along with the rest of the villains. Incredibly, however, we are supposed to accept Bryce as one of the good guys, even though he can see no moral objection to collaborating with a vicious gang of drug smugglers and even though he shows very little emotion when his girlfriend is killed by a shark. (He would be a lot more upset about losing the gold than he is about losing his girl). Bryce is supposed to be a hot-shot New York lawyer; the New York Bar Association should sue the film-makers for implying that they would ever permit such an unprincipled jerk to practice law.

About the most one can say for the film is that the underwater sequences are generally attractive and well done. And, of course, Jessica Alba looks gorgeous. But, I'm afraid, sometimes bikinis are just not enough to turn a badly written, badly directed and badly acted film into a good one. 3/10

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