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Julia Benson as Sara Ward
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C.J. Perry as Becky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 5 / 10

Mind Games

Lucas Nolan (Adam Copeland) is a memory expert and an FBI interrogation specialist. When a man (Patrick Sabongui) threatens to blow up the city, Lucas springs into action as they have a competition of mind games. Lucas drags the suspect and the FBI all over the place attempting to prevent the disruption coming their way.

The entire film was this cat and mouse head game chase. You get to see/hear the thought process of Lucas as he is able to pick out clues from small bits of speech. Of course none of this made any sense once the twist was revealed. Acting was fair, plot didn't seem to move. Clues for the twist were meager.

Guide: No f-words I recall. No sex. Nude drawings.

Reviewed by adonis98-743-186503 6 / 10

Thin Plot, Great Twist!!!

After the FBI receives a threat that endangers the entire city, an interrogator (Copeland) and an I.T. specialist (Perry) are plunged into a series of mind games with a criminal mastermind, desperately racing against time to uncover the villain's true agenda as they fight to protect thousands of lives. Copeland and Perry deliver a knockout blow in this electrifying thriller that crackles with edge- of-your-seat suspense. Interrogation packs some thrills thanks to some good performances by Edge, Lana and Patrick Sabongui and a very strong twist in the end that i did not see it coming and it reminded me a lot of "Chaos" i also liked the fight scenes that i believe that they were handled very carefully as for flaws i'd say that the plot is a big and boring mess with the same thing happening like every 5 to 10 minutes i think that the ending totally explained the whole things that Edge was doing threw out the entire film but still that doesn't make the film anything amazing or something like that because at the end of the day it's still an above average action film that if it was handled way better it could have been much much better executed but still it's worth a rent for sure.

Reviewed by Pauline Anderson 7 / 10


OK, so I'm an Edge fan from his time in WWE. He was the main reason I watched this.

I did check the reviews here before I watched this, and I'm glad I did, or I might have quit watching not too far in. As someone else has already said, this movie is a bit slow to start with, and there is a bit of cheesy acting at times. But it was SO worth sticking with it, because I NEVER would have seen the ending coming in a zillion years! Once I got into it, it was gripping right to the end. The only thing that spoiled it for me was the language that was used on occasion (I only just saw the R rating - (for the Rated-R Superstar)). Apart from that, I would definitely recommend it. I might even convince hubby we need to add it to our library :-)

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