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Jennifer Connelly as Roxanne
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Andy Serkis as Capricorn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Imagination and fantasy with special effects galore

Mo (Brendan Fraser) is good father, happily married who has a special talent to bring personages out of books. But his wife named Resa(Sienna Guillory)has disappeared. One night he brings out various characters named Capricorn and Basta from Inkheart , a book written by Fenoglio (Jim Broadbent) whose story is set in Middle Age and plenty of magical beings. As there suddenly appears Capricorn (Andy Serkis) and Basta (Jamie Foreman), two nasties, and Dustfinger (Paul Bettany), a fire-eater. Now, 10 years later Meggie (Eliza Bennett) discovers the truth and she also has supernatural powers . Meggie along with his father and grandmother confront several fantastic adventures, dangers and risks.

This exciting motion picture displays derring-do adventure, romance ,fairy tale ,and spectacular frames with phenomenal production design. The flick gets lots of bombastic special effects including supernatural apparitions, wizards ,legendary heroes and numerous images have you on the edge of your seat. As appears the heroes of tales as ¨1.001 nights¨, ¨the minotaur¨, ¨Rapunzel¨ and several others. Riveting set pieces illuminate the full-blown adventures blending witchcraft, fairies, necromancy and turns out to be extremely amusing. Stimulating adventures of ours protagonists are complemented by a breathtaking final attraction in the castle scenes with incredible appearance of an overwhelming ominous shadow. Casting is frankly extraordinary, Brendan Fraser as impetuous hero, Andy Serkis plays magnificently a shamelessly villain and Helen Mirren as likable grandmother, and brief appearance of Jennifer Connelly as Roxanne, among others. Ideal main cast is completed by phenomenal secondary actors as US as British players. The movie packs a sensational production design by John Beard , accompanied by a glamorous cinematography by Roger Pratt filmed on location, in Italian Riviera, Liguria and Shepperton Studios, Surrey, England, including a mesmerizing photography with wonderful , marvelous landscapes . Emotive soundtrack appropriately adequate to fantasy by Javier Navarrete. The picture is brilliantly directed by Ian Softley. He's a good writer, producer and director,who achieved big time with ¨The skeleton key¨, ¨K-Pax¨, ¨Backbeat¨ and Hackers¨. Rating: Better than average. Essential and indispensable watching for fantastic cinema lovers.

Reviewed by Elswet 8 / 10

Inkheart is a highly enjoyable film. But it is NOT the book.

Let me begin by saying I have read the book and most of the second. When I saw the trailer, there were so many elements I could not place that I presumed this film would be some combination of all three books, and almost did not see it as I had not yet read the last book. I'm glad I did not succumb to this temptation.

The movie itself is loosely based on Funke's book. That's right, "book." It is actually NOT based on all three books, but rather, just as the title implies, the initial Inkheart. The elements I could not identify were never in the book. So...If you're a book fan and are unable to separate the literary story from a film adaptation, you WILL be disappointed. But honestly, if you're looking for something that bears more than a slight resemblance to the book, you still may be disappointed by the omissions, rearrangements, and substitutions.

But do let me say that Brendan Frasier is a wonderful Mo. The casting choice of Eliza Hope Bennett as Meggie was a bit of a surprise, but she is lovely and does very well as Meggie. Paul Bettany is a beautifully tragic Dustfinger. Wow, what a performance Bettany gives! I was also surprised by Helen Mirren's casting as Aunt Elinor, but she was a capable and endearing Elinor. I was even impressed by Rafi Gavron's Farid. I can't wait to see where HIS career leads him. He has great promise. They, and the supporting cast, were wonderful. Not one stiff performance. Andy Serkis was also good as Capricorn. I can't say he was "awesome," as he was not nearly as scary as the literary version, and seemed somewhat of a victim of his own circumstances herein, but he was enjoyable, nonetheless.

If you have never read the books, however, you may find this as I did; an enchanting lovely fantasy with enigmatic characters and a slick execution style. I enjoyed this work far more than I should have, considering the plethora of WIDE variances from the literary source.

All in all, while Inkheart is a highly enjoyable film, it is NOT the book. My advice? Watch the movie. Love the movie. Then read the book and find a hundred new reasons to love it again.

It's still fun, it's still wonderful, and it's still enchanting.

It rates an 8.2/10 on the movie scale.

It rates a 3.5/10 on the adaptation scale.

It rates an 8.4/10 on the fantasy scale from...

the Fiend :.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 5 / 10

An underdeveloped and lazy film, where everything seems to have been done in half.

Who has never read a book and imagined everything they read? In this movie, a man with a passion for books tries to deal with a rare gift: when he reads aloud, characters and objects from books can materialize and come to life off the pages. But this comes at a price: whenever something comes out, something or someone from our world has to go into the book. So it was with his wife. However, when the characters he freed make him prisoner, the task of saving him and solving everything passes to his daughter. Okay, it's a somewhat complex plot, it takes time to present and develop, but this is done without creating major problems of perception and understanding. It would be much more interesting if the literary characters who came to life were real characters from books we all know. This spared the film the job of presenting them and making us to know whether they were bad guys or good guys. The film also has several plot holes, especially in the end. The ending is far less interesting than anything else. We even got the feeling that the movie was finished in a hurry, or they didn't quite know how to finish it properly.

Brendan Fraser is decent enough for the lead role even though he seems not to add anything special to it. He might even have switched places with Paul Bettany, who seemed much more capable of holding the lead role, as his character assumed some relevance in the story. Andy Serkis was a good villain and Helen Mirren was excellent in a supporting character. Eliza Bennett seemed to me a solid promise for the future. On the other hand, Sienna Guillory was pretty bad and unconvincing all along and Jim Broadbent, an actor with a comedic propensity, fell short of what he could have done. Cinematography is good but discreet, fulfilling it's role without merit or demerit, and the same can be said of soundtrack. The choice of sets and the costumes was good. CGI is good but, since it lacks magic in the movie, that spoils things a little. Almost everything in this film seems underdeveloped and made in a little elaborate and lazy way.

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