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Jennifer Connelly as Roxanne
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Andy Serkis as Capricorn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 5 / 10

An underdeveloped and lazy film, where everything seems to have been done in half.

Who has never read a book and imagined everything they read? In this movie, a man with a passion for books tries to deal with a rare gift: when he reads aloud, characters and objects from books can materialize and come to life off the pages. But this comes at a price: whenever something comes out, something or someone from our world has to go into the book. So it was with his wife. However, when the characters he freed make him prisoner, the task of saving him and solving everything passes to his daughter. Okay, it's a somewhat complex plot, it takes time to present and develop, but this is done without creating major problems of perception and understanding. It would be much more interesting if the literary characters who came to life were real characters from books we all know. This spared the film the job of presenting them and making us to know whether they were bad guys or good guys. The film also has several plot holes, especially in the end. The ending is far less interesting than anything else. We even got the feeling that the movie was finished in a hurry, or they didn't quite know how to finish it properly.

Brendan Fraser is decent enough for the lead role even though he seems not to add anything special to it. He might even have switched places with Paul Bettany, who seemed much more capable of holding the lead role, as his character assumed some relevance in the story. Andy Serkis was a good villain and Helen Mirren was excellent in a supporting character. Eliza Bennett seemed to me a solid promise for the future. On the other hand, Sienna Guillory was pretty bad and unconvincing all along and Jim Broadbent, an actor with a comedic propensity, fell short of what he could have done. Cinematography is good but discreet, fulfilling it's role without merit or demerit, and the same can be said of soundtrack. The choice of sets and the costumes was good. CGI is good but, since it lacks magic in the movie, that spoils things a little. Almost everything in this film seems underdeveloped and made in a little elaborate and lazy way.

Reviewed by lennoxja 1 / 10

very poor film

I did not enjoy this film one little bit. The story was almost incomprehensible. If this was supposed to be fantasy, it was fantasy rubbish. I kept watching in a state of disbelief, wondering how so much money and how so many talented actors were wasted on this travesty. I hoped it would get better, but it only got worse and worse and worse. I could never recommend this film under any circumstances. I feel annoyed with myself for wasting so many precious minutes of my time on this unedifying spectacle.

Reviewed by Fudge-3 7 / 10

A decent fantasy

I was thoroughly engaged throughout the movie and wondered how I managed to miss it for eight years.

Characters coming to life out of books is not a new idea but it is done well here. A great cast of villains and heroes, creatures and monsters from both her own imagination and other authors make an appearance. If I could choose who to bring to life out of any book, who would I choose? On reflection; like the heroes here, I'd try to leave them where they belong.

I really enjoyed the range of well known faces that turn up. You never know who you're going to see when the next door opens. A great group of (mostly) British actors lift the movie above your average run-of-the-mill fantasy.

The special effects are done really well but also look a bit second hand. I can almost hear the producer's conversation, 'You know, like the Balrog from the Lord of the Rings?' Designer: 'Sure, we've got that.'

We're told in the extras that the author of Inkheart allows her stories to take her where they want to go. I can believe it, the plot does ramble a bit. Characters are a bit blurred, they come and go and their behavioural role is never clearly defined. That fuzziness does mean that you never know what's going to happen next but also leads to a bit of confusion. It works better in a book where characters have more development room but in a movie things ought to be a bit tighter.

All the family with the exception of the very young well enjoy Inkheart. The loud score and moderate threat in the exciting bits will worry the under fives. The tone of the movie it's more likely to be a little more attractive to girls than boys.

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