Inhuman Resources


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Sam Reid as William Tucker
Tom Savini as Peter Bava
Ashley Mary Nunes as Victim's Relative
James Mackay as Rudy Khan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lorcan-61881 4 / 10

Halloween Review #24: Strange..

So,where I got the idea of reviewing a crappy Horror Channel thriller like Inhuman Resources,I don't know,while I was reviewing Cube,it kind of just came to me,did anybody else have that feeling,that this was like Cube..anyway,Inhuman Resources,or also known as Redd. Inc,is about a bunch of strangers who are strapped to a desk in front of a computer and forced to write like an SA or something and if they refuse..they die..and if you do something wrong,you get a cut across the face..was'int it? Anyway,so obviously,Redd. Inc is nothing special,its a crappy horror film with lots of gore that hopes,somewhere,it will premiere on TV on a crappy channel like Sony Channel and maybe even spawn its own DVD produced by a crappy company like Signature..ha,but I actually admire Redd. Inc,its one of the cool,low budget horror films,now,if this did not have all the horrible gore in it as well as the cheesy lines where the guy like repeats hes gonna kill the villain and just as hes saying that sentence the villain like,cuts his head off or something,this could be a rather good horror film. Redd. Inc is a OK horror film with a bit too much gore and maybe a bit too much "i'm gonna kill you" scenes,but otherwise..ya,rather good. Stay tuned guys,Halloween is not over yet so get ready for still some classics like Rosemary's Baby,The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as the new Jigsaw,which will be up on Sunday and I will try to review The Ritual soon,but probably will be after Halloween due to it not being in my local cinema or online

Reviewed by shaun7000 7 / 10

Get back to work!

A great story and solid performances with flawless special effects, Inhuman resources stands out in the horror genre. The movie is tense with many edge of your seat moments combined with the fear and isolation of the 6 people held against there will. Nicholas Hope is perfectly cast in his role as there demented former office professional turned captor with his character ranging from a calm and professional boss to outright psychopathic and twisted.

The story takes twists and turns along the way and it's entertainment that keeps you clued to the screen giving the audience satisfaction for there time. With the movie industry churning out endless no star horror garbage, it's great to come across a film such as this where all the right boxes have been ticked

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Ultra-gory Saw-derived office mayhem

A low budget, single room thriller that owes most of its inspiration from the SAW franchise. The storyline involves a crazy guy who's arrested after being found wielding an axe beside a decapitated body in a lift. The authorities send him to jail, believing him to be a notorious serial killer, but he escapes and captures those responsible for his arrest in the first place, forcing them to work for him to prove his innocence or guilt.

What this all boils down to is a locked-room thriller in which various unappealing characters are forced, literally, to work to death. It's all an excuse for lots of gruesome gore sequences in which eyes are pulled out, foreheads are carved and there's even a little fingernail damage for the squeamish. The film is relatively fast-paced for a low budget film but the usual constraints apply, including cheesy dialogue and some very sub-par acting.

The British villain, played by Nicholas Hope, is just one of those characters you can't take seriously; maybe it's because I'm British too, but he feels like a character from THE OFFICE instead of an imposing villain. HOME AND AWAY actress Kelly Paterniti is better as the lead, but she's the only interesting one here. The best thing about the film are the authentic gore effects, done the old fashioned way by SFX maestro Tom Savini. A shame the rest of the story and its silly twists can't match them.

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