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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fernandof-1 4 / 10

It's the American dream, all over again

So, basically you get a re-telling of the American dream for the n-th time, this time in the form of two barely-functional drunken gambling addicts who struggle to become rich by creating the ultimate piece of junk that can pollute the planet AND be sold for $6.99 retail.

In the meantime, the usual happens: they fail a couple of times, they get ripped off (and try to sue), one of them get dumped, his ex wife try to quit a successful, well-paid, loved job to engage in a long career in self-hating by becoming a real state agent alongside her sister -who she clearly cannot stand- (why is she doing this? we never know. why are the filmmakers telling us this? we never know), until they finally struck gold in the form of the most useless trinket ever imagined by men, proving that in America you only need a good idea (and cheap Chinese labor) to become a millionaire.

If you like modern Cinderella-like stories, go ahead and watch this. Otherwise, avoid.

Reviewed by Thomas Joseph Huang 10 / 10

Inspirational. Motivational. Thought provoking. Great film.

I was stuck in traffic the other day and decided to put on this film to help pass the time (don't worry, both hands were on the steering wheel and it was only generally stopped traffic.), this film caught my eye was because of the tag-line "All it takes is one big idea." which is something that struck because of its relation to the recent book I've read entitled "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. The poster also had a fairly young (or young looking) Jeremy Renner as an added pull for me to watch the film. Jeremy Renner stars along Dallas Roberts (Milton Mamet, he's a scientist from The Walking Dead.) and Ayelet Zurer (Lara Lor-Van from the 2013 Man Of Steel film.). The film is based on the true story of Mike Cram, an inventor (played by Dallas Roberts) and his friend who's a salesman (Jeremy Renner) who have tried to execute a bunch of ideas until they come to a point where they're really down on their luck, still in search of that one big idea that will turn everything around. The on screen chemistry between the 2 lead actors was very natural, they fit their roles of best buddies quite well which helped make the film very easy to watch. The film had a warm tone to it, perhaps because the film was shot in a desert town/city, Arizona if I'm not mistaken. The film was put together very well, no wild camera angles or sequences, just simple and straightforward storytelling.

This film is one of those inspirational films, after watching, it leaves you with the feeling like you need to go and create something, make something that's yours. With that feeling like you gotta rack your brain for that one idea that could change everything. I know how that feels, because that's something I've been doing for years now. Trying things, taking small steps in executing my own ideas or innovating on current ideas. It's frustrating at times but this film helped serve as a reminder to keep pressing on. To keep on trying, because amidst all the difficulties and the challenges you'll face, the next great idea is just beyond the horizon. Your big break is right there if you can just have the strength and the courage to push forward. This film takes you on a roller coaster ride into the life of an inventor, basically into the life of anyone who has ever had an idea and pursued it and did whatever it took, until the very end, no matter if that end was success or a learning experience. This film is an expanded portrayal of the saying "necessity is the mother of invention.", you'll see what I mean once you get a chance to watch it.

I highly recommend this film, I have a strong feeling that it will be something you'll enjoy. Who knows, this might give you that extra inspirational push you've been looking for to pursue that idea you've had in your head for the longest time or even spark the creation of a new one. :)

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Reviewed by bjarias 6 / 10

..there's really one very good reason to watch

If the woman was as alluring-captivating as her, I'd have in a heartbeat made her a full partner as well (totally slick the way she gets 'him' set up). Well cast.. all other actors do good work, but I watched this film specifically to see Ayelet Zurer. Her performance in my mind was the payoff, she is just something special (incredible at 44... bing her.. ..look at all her incredible pix). It is totally obvious why she is so damn popular in her country, too bad more of her better work is not available to stateside audiences. Back to this movie, it's a fairly typical storyline, with your oh-so foreseeable ending.. with a slight twist. Had it come up with more noteworthy mood-enhancing background score, it could possibly have achieved another star. It definitely benefits from another full viewing.

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