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Brooke Nevin as Sara
Chris Marquette as Cooper
Ray Wise as Ethan
Linda Park as Leechee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dtharter 2 / 10

Painfully Bad, but Decent Effects

This movie is just garbage. Sorry if this counts as a spoiler, but there's no discernible plot other than "giant insects are attacking." Most of the characters are interchangeably bland and non- important, so I'm not even sure how many are left unless they're all together in one room for a headcount. The main character is supposed to come off as funny (I guess) but ends up being just obnoxious, like if Ryan Reynolds had his IQ bumped down 30 points or so.

Worst of all, however, is that this movie doesn't know what it wants to be. Is it a monster movie? Is it a spoof of a monster movie? Are the rampant clichés put there on purpose, or is it just a lack of originality? Do the characters do and say deliberately dumb things because it's supposed to be funny? Or was this movie written by people who have no idea how real humans act?

On the other hand, the special effects are well-executed. Whoever did the insect effects in this film could be on the crew of a Naked Lunch remake. Other than that, I'm not sure how this film has gotten such great reviews, except that maybe most people who like good films have never heard of it. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with this trash heap straight out of Amateurville.

Reviewed by hellholehorror 5 / 10

There was no story

The CGI looks a little cheap but it is effective. There's nothing too exciting too look at except for the giant bugs. Not the best mix by a long shot. Also not the worst. The bass was pretty poor and dialogue not appropriately prioritised. Then again it did the job, used the surround and was never bad. There was no story! It was just giant bugs and people trying to survive them. It wasn't that funny, they are much funnier monster movies. It starts very quickly indeed. It's pretty forgettable. The ending was very annoying. Not a brilliant film, it is just a film with giant bugs and silly gore.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 6 / 10

Surprisingly Funny and Entertaining

The clumsy Cooper (Christopher Marquette) is called by his chief Maureen (Deborah Geffner) to be fired from his job. Out of the blue, they hear a shrill noise and they faint. When Cooper wakes up, the finds wrapped in a cocoon and sees a giant insect. He succeeds to escape and release Maureen. They find that the city has been taken over by giant insects and Maureen runs to the street to save her daughter Sara (Brooke Nevin). However a flying insect captures Maurren and Cooper and Sara runs to his office. They release a group from the cocoons and the strong Hugo (E. Quincy Sloan) that is deaf; the sexy and dumb weather girl Cindy (Kinsey Packard); and the janitor Albert (Wesley Thompson) decide to cross the street to visit Albert's son that is sick; Cindy's family; and finally Cooper's estranged father Ethan (Ray Wise). Cooper hits on Sara and when an insect catches her, he decides to go to their nest to rescue Sara and blow-up the structure. Will he succeed?

"Infestation" is a surprisingly funny and entertaining action film. The characters are stereotypes and the hero Cooper is an asshole; Sara is smart; Cindy is a dumb blonde; Hugo is a heartwarming strong man; Ethan is the stereotype of a military. The special effects are much better than anyone could expect. There is no conclusion; probably for a sequel that has not been made. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Infestação: Insetos Assassinos" ("Infestation: Killer Insects")

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