Indecent Proposal


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 37%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 48%
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Woody Harrelson as David Murphy
Billy Bob Thornton as Day Tripper
Demi Moore as Diana Murphy
Robert Redford as John Gage
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 7 / 10

Classic romance

Let's be honest, ladies; Indecent Proposal should have had a different title. Demi Moore is happily married to Woody Harrrelson. They have a great relationship and a great sex life, but they're poor. Then, millionaire Robert Redford offers Woody one million dollars for one night with his wife. Wouldn't it make more sense if the movie was titled Every Woman's Fantasy?

This romantic drama is a pretty famous one, so if you're a fan of any of the three leads, or if you like classic romances, you'll want to add this to your list. It's great to watch with bottles of wine and your girlfriends, or with bottles of wine and your sweetie pie. It's incredibly steamy, and it'll give you plenty to talk about afterwards. I still haven't made up my mind whether I'd pick Bob or Woody! It's definitely a chick flick, though. I have yet to meet a man who actually liked this movie. Men can get surprisingly territorial once they're posed with the question of how much money they'd accept to let a gorgeous, handsome millionaire sleep with their wife. Go figure.

Reviewed by burggr 7 / 10

A movie that shows human error and how they recover.

I believe that the theme of Indecent Proposal is that it is not worth even one million dollars to have an affair on your spouse as everyone involved suffers major emotional, financial, and spiritual consequences as they did in this film. The plot involves three main characters. Woody Harrelson plays David Murphy, Demi Moore plays Diana Murphy, and Robert Redford plays John Gage.

David and Diana are a young married couple who are very much in love. They both have promising careers as David is a talented architect and Diana is are a real estate broker. However, they run into some financial hardships and decide to try to win money in Las Vegas. They end up meeting John Gage who happens to be a billionaire. He offers a large sum of money to be with Diana for one night.

Without giving away the ending, I'll just say that it becomes complicated as there are emotional and relational consequences for David, Diana, and David's decisions. The story unfolds in a somewhat unpredictable manner and takes us through the struggles of money troubles and relationship conflicts with all three characters. The film points out in an indirect manner the mistakes that all three characters make. There is betrayal in an emotional sense and the movie makes us ask ourselves what I can do in my relationships so I don't have any regrets.

Other plot points include the moral dilemma they both encounter. David and Diana are in a loving, faithful marriage but are faced with a proposal that is difficult to refuse. They both understand that they could really use $1 million right now. At first they both say that they don't want to do it but Diana says that she would do it for him and their future. She says to David that it would be just sex and that they would have they money for a lifetime. It is an especially tough decision as their mortgage payments are behind and they find themselves financially desperate.

In the movie Basic Instinct which stars Michael Douglas as detective Nick Curran and Sharon Stone who plays Catherine Tramell, there is a similar theme as Indecent Proposal. This is because while Curran is investigating a murder, he becomes involved in a passionate and emotional relationship with Catherine who happens to be the prime suspect. This passionate affair is similar to the one that John and Diana had in Indecent Proposal.

The lighting in the film Indecent Proposal was dimly light and sometimes even seemed as though there was smoke in the room. This can equate to the confusion or mysterious man behind the proposal who happened to be John Gage the billionaire. It can also symbolize the indecisiveness of this major decision that David and Diana needed to make and also illustrate the mess that resulted in their decision.

The camera angles in Indecent Proposal made John Gage's character seem to be larger than life. They did this by not having a lot of empty space when they shoot him and used close-ups to make him seem powerful which he was. He had this position of power because he had a great deal of money and also power over David and Diana. The angles that they used to shoot David were just the opposite. It seemed as though they wanted to diminish David's character because there were not as many close- ups nor were there many shoots to make him look important or powerful. This is because of the position he was in with Gage having power over him and Diana.

This was a movie that is for adults as there are sex scenes and foul language used. The film shows us how a decision about accepting money can change the nature of a healthy relationship. It also shows that money is not more important than remaining faithful to your spouse. This movie points out how the idea of how having money can be detrimental in many ways. This includes finances, relationships, trust and betrayal.

Reviewed by A.W Richmond 6 / 10

Where is James Mason when we need him

Adrian Lyne does what he does beautifully, whatever that is. The gorgeous look of his films hide a serious lack of depth and a rather Machiavellian knack for attracting us, the natives, with shiny pretty things. We fall for it every time, or almost, we couldn't swallow Lolita, oh no, he should have left Lolita alone and shouldn't have made that outrageous statement, remember? "James Mason was all wrong in Kubrick's version of the Nabokov novel" Do me a favor Mr. Lyne, stick to "Flashdance" and suffer all the way to the bank. Sorry, I lost myself for a moment. Where was I? Oh yes "Inidecent Proposal" Imagine that premise in the hands of someone with serious intentions. A young happy couple and the devil. The stranger who, incapable of bearing goodness and happiness, decides to destroy it. Aware of their needs, he presents a solution to their problems. He doesn't care for her, he cares about their destruction. Juicy stuff. But, although Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson are great as the perfect foil for the devil's designs, the devil is Robert Redford. Mr. Redford is a personal hero of mine, instead of resting in his laurels, Sundance, the environment, Ordinary People, Quiz Show and so on and so on. But, I heard him say in a Charlie Rose interview that he would like to play different characters, dangerous, dark but nobody offered him that kind of part. What about this one Bob? This was a part that could transform this pretty candy floss into a classic. It needed guts. Where was the darkness? I looked into Redford eyes and I saw Redford. I would have gone with him for much less than a million bucks because in spite of the fact that involved accepting an indecent proposal there was no danger, really. He allows himself to be Redford all the way. The indecency is in the title in the gimmick but not in the spirit. As a result none of the promises are fulfilled and we're left with a pretty inconsequential movie. Oh well, I hope Mr Lyne learned his lesson. One never bad mouths James Mason, okay?

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